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Newburgh Data Destruction

With our Data Destruction offer in Newburgh, the people here can be assured that their hard drive data and files will be deleted permanently. This service is for the protection of people’s identity. When the computer system is subject for disposal, this service is vital. Trust All Green Electronics Recycling today!


Data Destruction in Newburgh, IN

With economic growth and population comes the need to secure important business and personal data. Imagine the number of computer hard drives that have started to accumulate and will have to be properly disposed. Newburgh Data Destruction of All Green Electronics Recycling is an expert in this aspect. This company will provide you state-of-the-art techniques to make sure that data destruction needs are met.


Newburgh, Indiana

In the 17th century, Western explorers discovered this area located along the fertile banks of the Ohio River.  Its principal founders John Sprinkle and Abner Luce landed in Newburgh in the spring of 1803. The area was named Sprinklesburgh which was named after Sprinkle, a businessman of German descent, who secured land grants in 1812 and 1818. Newburgh was also sometimes referred to as Mount Pleasant.

Its first plat consisted of 12 blocks located west of today’s downtown Newburgh.  At present, Newburgh is a bedroom community for families who are on the lookout for housing developments close to Evansville. Specialty stores, antic shops and quaint dining establishments located on its charming and historic downtown district have also become a favorite destination for locals and visitors alike.

Data Destruction Services Offered In:

A Certified Company for Proper Data Destruction

The security of its data content is a major consideration when disposing electronic equipment. You may not realize it but your computers, photocopiers, fax machines, printers and even smartphones contain data that may still be useful to your business operation.

Newburgh Data Destruction is a service to make sure that the data content of your old electronic equipment will not be stolen from you during its disposal.

We do data destruction using only the best available technology and with the assurance that we will be giving you feedback of the work being done.

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