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Industries Served

We know each industry has a unique set of requirements so our electronics recycling solutions are customized to meet the needs of industries like Medical, Government, Defense, Insurance, Financial, Industrial, Hospitality, and many more.

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Industries Served

Healthcare & Hospitals 

Recycling for Hospitals and Medical Offices has never been easier. All Green will help you with HIPAA compliance while also taking care of your unique needs. Patient records are among the most important information in the world to keep secure. We understand this need and we will ensure your patient data is always safe.

Financial & Banking 

Financial institutions have unique needs when it comes to electronics recycling and the handling data-containing devices. We understand these needs and we’re able to help you stay compliant. You are trusted with some of the most confidential information and we’ll help you keep it safe.

Electronics Manufacturers (OEM)

Manufacturers of electronics have unique reverse logistics needs as well as the need to keep your intellectual property safe. All Green works with the largest electronics manufacturers in the world in order to manage their reverse logistics and to protect their intellectual property.


Defense agencies and contractors are driven by security, and we are too. When managing retired electronic assets like computers, network equipment, cell phone and servers, we provide state-of-the-art IT asset disposition with tracked destruction through every stage of the process.

Whether it’s field gear, radar systems, prototypes, or communication equipment, we can provide decommissioning and destruction both on and off-site at our securely monitored facility.


Schools and universities have a unique need for specific electronics recycling and data security needs and All Green is here to help you.


An asset disposition plan that adheres to local, regional and national safety and environmental regulations is an important consideration for government agencies.

The security of your confidential information and containment of key vulnerabilities in data security form the basis of our service to:

  • Local, regional and national government agencies
  • Civil agencies
  • Law enforcement 
  • National security agencies
  • Contractors
  • Tax agencies


Your telecommunications industry needs proper management of end-of-life electronic devices such as data centers, switches, cell cabinets, data servers and cell phone tower equipment. To achieve compliance with regulatory requirements for confidential information eradication, we offer premium data destruction to the telco industry, including:

We provide you with premium data destruction and electronic equipment disposition – whether you’re a wired or wireless carrier, a reseller, a satellite telecommunications provider, cable TV service, or any other field of your industry. We have a service to suit your needs.


The insurance industry is very unique. It’s critical that your electronics recycling and data destruction vendor understands those needs and provides you with proper services. Trust the company that is trusted by the largest names in the insurance industry.

Data Centers 

All Green services some of the biggest data centers in the world with our unique recycling and on-site hard drive shredding solutions. The organizations with the highest standards for data security trust All Green with their data because our world-class solutions are the best in the industry.

Electronics Retailers 

As a retailer, we understand your unique challenges with reverse logistics and also the fact that your individual locations are spread across the region, the country or the world. Our solutions will help you manage reverse logistics while also minimizing your transportation costs between facilities.

Electronics Distributors

If you are a distributor of electronics equipment, trust the company that is trusted by the biggest names in your industry.


Cities, Counties and all municipalities require high standards in Electronics Recycling. All Green is always here to help you with your specific recycling needs.

Storage Facilities

As a storage facility operator, we recognize your unique needs and challenges. We will not only handle your recycling needs but we also have solutions that can allow you to use recycling as a means to driving traffic to your location.

Electronics Recycling Solutions for Any Industry

All Green knows that each industry has a unique set of requirements. We have customized our services just for your needs. From understanding your service needs to your specific requirements such as HIPAA requirements, we are here to do what we do best so you can do what you do best.