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Completely destroy hard drives to protect your brand, avoid data breeches and ensure full compliance. Choose from our full array of services including On-Site Hard Drive Shredding and Witnessed Destruction.

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Hard Drive Shredding - AGR

Hard Drive Shredding

When electronic devices reach the end of their useful life you must get rid of them in a secure manner as you replace them with new models and systems.

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Proper Steps to Hard Drive Shredding

When electronic devices reach the end of their useful life you must get rid of them in a secure manner as you replace them with new models and systems. The issue that many companies face is ensuring secure procedures are followed for destruction of the hard drives. No matter if you wipe the drive clean and erase the data, it still exists somewhere in the deep recesses of the system.

To meet industry requirements and to protect your customers, vendors and other business associates, you need a fool-proof method of destruction that All Green Electronics Recycling provides with both our on-site and off-site shredding as well as hard drive recycling, crushing and SSD shredding.

Off-Site Hard Drive Shredding

Feel secure about shipping your hard drives to our site for off-site destruction. We utilize the most advanced equipment to remove all sensitive data from your hard drives in a secure manner. When the device is physically shredded, the data can no longer be retrieved.

On-Site Hard Drive Shredding & Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

In many cases, you don’t want the data to leave your premises intact. To ensure complete destruction in the safest manner possible. All Green Electronics Recycling provides on-site shredding of your hard drives.

Hard Drive Crushing

All Green Electronics Recycling provides crushing services for hard drives to ensure complete destruction of all private data. We can provide this service at the client’s location or off-site as the sole destruction process or as the first step in a two-part setup which includes crushing and shredding to ensure complete removal of all information.

SSD Shredding

Because of the small size of a solid state drive, special precautions must be taken to ensure the data cannot be reconstructed. All Green Electronics Recycling has the equipment and the technology to shred these storage devices down to minute size to ensure all data is completely destroyed and inaccessible.

The Safety of Shredding On-site

When you don’t want to take any risks with your data, on-site shredding provides the peace of mind you’re looking for. You can be confident that all information has been destroyed before it leaves your site.

This ensures your company is not responsible for lost or stolen information on your customers or vendors. When the job is complete, All Green Electronics Recycling provides you with a certificate of destruction for your records or to produce when questioned by a government or industry authority.

Modern Technology for Increased Security

All Green Electronics Recycling uses the latest equipment and technology to ensure complete destruction of all storage devices. Turn to us when you need data destruction for hard drives, solid state drives, CDs and DVDs, portable external devices such as external hard drives and flash drives, and much more.

All of our personnel have received security clearance and trained on the handling of sensitive data and the advanced equipment we use. With this method, all data is reduced to miniscule pieces that are irretrievable.

We provide you with a certificate of destruction once the job is complete for your records and to provide you with peace of mind. We also create detailed reports that provide the ability to track your data destruction in case you ever need to present evidence to support any questions or claims made against your business.

Our process has been certified to meet government regulations and industry standards. Out mobile destruction equipment is guaranteed to wipe off and destroy all data on your hardware. Because it is irrecoverable, it reduces your risk of sensitive data being leaked.

A Unique Approach for Every Situation

No single method of destruction will work for every business or for all industries. That is why it’s important to work with a vendor that provides multiple solutions, including on-site and off-site shredding, hard drive recycling, and crushing.

Shredding involves machinery that breaks down the hard drive into tiny pieces too small to put back together. It’s impossible for anyone to reassemble the pieces and access the data.

With crushing, a large weight is used against the hard drive to break the platters and ensure all data is irretrievable. This method of destruction can be done in an office or a warehouse.

Our employees are trained thoroughly to use the crushing equipment, and we provide a 100 percent guarantee for our work with a certificate of destruction for every job. Also included is a detailed report of the handling of your assets which you can keep in your records to maintain compliance with government or industry agencies.

Unlike hard drives that store the data on platters, SSD devices use memory chips. Because of this difference, a unique approach must be used for destruction. All Green Electronics Recycling provides this service with a guarantee for every customer.

Our staff has met security requirements and has been trained to work with the latest technology to meet all industry and government standards.

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