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Choose from off-site or on-site media shredding services. Protect your company’s brand and your customers’ information when disposing of data containing devices. Whether you use hard drives, tape backups, CDs, DVDs or SDDs, you need a full-proof & secure method of media destruction.

Hard Drive Shredding - AGR

Hard Drive Shredding

When electronic devices reach the end of their useful life you must get rid of them in a secure manner as you replace them with new models and systems.

Data Wiping - AGR

Data Wiping

In many industries, securely erasing all data on hard drives when the devices are no longer usable is required. One process is called Data Wiping...

Media Degaussing Icon - AGR

Media Degaussing

Degaussing is a process that completely and permanently erases data on a hard drive or other media.This method of erasure uses a machine ...

Media Shredding - AGR

Media Shredding

Protect your company and your customers’ information when it comes time to dispose of the data. Whether you store the data on backup tapes...

Protect your company and your customers’ information when it comes time to dispose of the data. Whether you store the data on backup tapes, CDs, DVDs or SDDs, you need a full-proof method of destroying the information to avoid having it fall in the wrong hands. All Green Electronics Recycling provides secure data destruction regardless of the medium used to protect your company and your customers.

Tape Backup Shredding

When your backup tapes have reached the end of required storage based on regulations within your industry, you want to ensure they are destroyed in a safe and secure manner. Shredding ensures no one can access the sensitive information on them.

CD & DVD Shredding

CDs and DVDs require specific handling to ensure they are destroyed completely so no one can access the private information. Often used to store customer data or other sensitive data, you want the peace of mind knowing they cannot be read.

SDD Shredding

Secure document destruction ensures all media is completely destroyed to prevent future access of sensitive or confidential information, using the latest technology for new data items as well as older storage methods.

Other Media Shredding

From memory cards to VHS tapes to flash drives, you want the security that comes from having these devices professionally destroyed. With the right method of data destruction, no one can ever access the information they contained.

Premium Data Destruction Services

All Green Electronics Recycling provides complete data destruction service both on-site and off-site for your convenience and to meet the required standards within your industry. Professional data destruction not only protects your customers from having private information fall into the wrong hands, it protects your company from the liability that such an event would create.

The Benefits of Professional Data Destruction

Erasing data from many storage devices, such as CDs, DVDs and memory chips doesn’t completely remove it from access. A data retrieval expert could easily rebuild the item enough to access the private information, putting your business and your customers at risk. With professional data destruction services, you no longer have to worry about that scenario, reducing the liability your company carries and providing peace of mind for your customers about how their data is handled.

All Green Electronics Recycling uses the latest equipment and technology to ensure your data is completely removed with no possibility for access in the future. The storage device is destroyed in such a way that it can never be put back together again. Our equipment can provide the smallest shred size with up to 2 mm disintegration for some types of storage materials.

If you want the convenience to send these items to our facility for shredding, All Green provides a secure method of transportation where you can track the progress of your package and know it arrives safely at its destination. For those times when on-site destruction is required, we bring the equipment to you. All Green is able to meet the highest standards of data destruction within your industry or as required by federal regulations.

Our staff is trained to handle all types of storage media and operate the newest shredding equipment. We follow exact procedures and document every aspect of the destruction process. We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records which alleviates you of the risk of data theft. In addition, we create detailed records of the data destruction process that provides further information as necessary for your industry.

Furthermore, All Green manages destruction of confidential data in such a way as to be environmentally responsible. Our methods protect the environment from hazardous chemicals that can be leaked out when not handled in a safe manner.

From secure transportation of storage media to documented procedures ensuring Chain-of-Command is followed, All Green Electronics Recycling provides the secure, high-quality data destruction services you need. Because we work with companies in many industries, we recognize the importance of following the correct procedures that govern that industry and situation.

Whether you need a one-time destruction scheduled or ongoing data destruction, All Green provides the high level of service your business needs. A secure process with reliable results and documentation ensure your company is protected and your private information remains confidential and safe.