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Protect your brand & never compromise security or risk data breaches with our custom R2 Certified ** data destruction services. Choose from our proprietary hard drive erasure system to hard drive degaussing, media crushing or on-site hard drive shredding.

All Green Recycling Hard Drive Shredding

Hard Drive

When electronic devices reach the end of their useful life you must get rid of them in a secure manner as you replace them with new models and systems.

All Green Recycling Data Wiping


In many industries, securely erasing all data on hard drives when the devices are no longer usable is required. One process is called Data Wiping...

All Green Recycling Media Degaussing


Degaussing is a process that completely and permanently erases data on a hard drive or other media.This method of erasure uses a machine ..

All Green Recycling Media Shredding


Protect your company and your customers’ information when it comes time to dispose of the data. Whether you store the data on backup tapes...

How Secure Data Destruction Service Can Keep Your Information Safe

Our secure data destruction services help you to destroy confidential or sensitive information that is stored either on electronic media (including hard disks, SSD, tapes, CDs, DVDs, NAND media, and USBs) or on hard-copy paper versions. Destruction can be achieved using a number of methods, depending on the extent of destruction. These secure data destruction services include shredding, crushing, wiping, and degaussing for all data-bearing equipment and devices.

Laptops, computers, PC’s, cell phones, tablet devices, and networking equipment such as printers and servers – all of your office equipment now has the ability to store sensitive data, and you need secure data destruction to minimize your exposure to a breach.

With our certified absolute data destruction and data sanitation service, you can safeguard your company’s sensitive information from unauthorized disclosure, as well as comply with software licensing agreements, state and federal data security and privacy laws, and regulations impacting the protection of stored IT data.

What Happens to Information on End-of-Life Assets?

If you’re in business, then you have obsolete hardware and software that likely contains confidential data that could leak to the wrong hands.

Employee and customer information, patient data, student records, and confidential information like social security numbers, addresses, and date of birth records. When electronic equipment reaches its end-of-life, it’s crucial that confidential data like this is properly destroyed and the equipment is disposed of in a way that satisfies federal, state, and local regulations.

Without Certified Equipment Destruction, Your Company is Vulnerable

A failure to properly remove sensitive data and safeguard your information in a manner that renders it unrecoverable could leave your company vulnerable to a data security breach.

This could pose a significant risk to your liability.

Destruction of laptop computers, PC’s, network equipment and onsite hard drive shredding services – all come with a Certificate of Destruction to certify that your corporation is safe.

So if your company has IT assets with:

  • Software programs
  • Institutional/business data
  • Personally identifiable data
  • Non-public data

Then you MUST have them reliably erased and/or destroyed before being transferred out of your possession.

Our On-Site Hard Drive Destruction Standards, Matter

Most organizations do not realize how important it is to comply with the current data destruction standards.

When the original Department of Defense (DoD) standard was published back in 1995, floppy disks, magnetic tapes, and low capacity hard drives formed the primary basis of data destruction practices.

Flash forward to today and organizations have to deal with a wide range of electronic equipments and advanced data recovery techniques. Now, new data destruction standards have been commissioned and federal legislations passed to govern data security. When these legislations are not adhered to, companies can be faced with legal liabilities as well compensation claims.

At All Green Recycling, our ITAD consultants can help shed light on the current industry best practices while also helping you optimize your organization’s ITAD program.

All Green Recycling Hard Drive Destruction

The Only Hard Drive Destruction Services You Need

Protecting your confidential information is our top priority, as we assist you in disposing of outdated assets with certified hard drive destruction, as well as any other storage devices and NAND media.

All Green provides solutions for businesses of all sizes for one-time disposition of ongoing secure data destruction needs. We use processes that are clearly defined and documented to ensure all data is overwritten and destroyed with no means of recovery possible. Our processes are audited to provide transparency and accountability to our clients and ensure adequate protection of their privacy and reputation.

We use a variety of methods to ensure our facilities are secure. All processes involved in secure data destruction are monitored with controlled access to provide maximum protection for all assets that contain sensitive data prior to final disposition. Detailed background checks are performed on all personnel while specific security protocols are put in place for every task.

All client assets are entered into our system so they can be tracked and reports can be created to provide information on the status of the assets. Certificates of Data Destruction are provided as needed. We provide these certificates for the type of service provided in the destruction of data, whether it be erasure, degaussing, physical destruction on-site or in our controlled facilities.

All Green Electronics Recycling also carries liability insurance to demonstrate to our clients that we are committed to providing exceptional service in secure data destruction while ensuring absolute protection of their assets and the information contained within.

Which Data Destruction Method is Best for You?

To dispose of data-sensitive assets of any kind, we use certified data destruction services which include:

We understand that various industries must meet regulatory requirements and are staff are trained on these obligations and regulations. They stay up to date on the latest changes to ensure our processes are in compliance with all federal, state and local laws as well as any international regulations. Our methods always meet and often exceed industry standards to ensure your reputation remains solid and your customer information is adequately protected.

Whether your company is protecting sensitive customer information, data for national security or your business’ files, we offer absolutely the best methods of destruction for the safety of the secured data. To learn more about any of our methods or processes or to begin the process of destruction either on-site or at our facilities, contact us today. Allow us to help you with secure data destruction and dispose of your assets while protecting your data to provide peace of mind and mitigate risk for your company. Providing global asset disposition with responsibility to our customers and our environment, you are partnering with a leader in data destruction with All Green Electronics Recycling.

Data Destruction Policy for Bankers and the Finance Industry

The banking sector is governed by strict ethical and legal stipulations. Should a company’s data security measures fall short of the federal and state data regulations, liabilities may arise.

All financial institutions must have infallible data destruction policies to protect customer’s confidential information. The use of effective data destruction prevents incidences of identity theft, security hacks, and federal penalties. ITAD consultants take into account institution’s size and complexity as well as the scope of operations. Secure data destruction ensures compliance with FTC’s regulations sidestepping implications of violating the rule.

ITAD experts at All Green can review your existing policy and help you to eliminate any loopholes eliminating the risk of financial penalties due to non-compliance. In addition, your hard earned brand reputation will be safeguarded.

The Disposal and Electronics Recycling Process

Deliver to a Certified Data Destruction Facility

We can arrange pickup from your location or our specialized on-site secure data destruction service can come to you to begin the equipment destruction process.

Data Sanitization

While deleting files is a first step, it does not actually remove the data permanently. It can still be recovered. Without using data destruction software or one of the methods listed below, it can simply be “undeleted.” Selection should be based on the underlying sensitivity of the data being destroyed.

To ensure your sensitive information is completely destroyed beyond recovery, we utilize one of the following methods:

  • Erasing/Overwriting – Data scrubbing using specialized software that overwrites existing data with a minimum of three passes. We use DOD certified data wiping to DoD 5220.22-M.
  • Degaussing – using a magnetic charge to de-magnetize a hard drive or tape to a magnetically neutral state – void of information.
  • Destruction – The safest option for equipment destruction. On site hard drive destruction, or physical destruction and shredding of hard drives, computers, and electronic equipment to defective or “dead” state.

These are selected based on the underlying sensitivity of the data being destroyed.

Environmentally Responsible Disposal

Once your information has been secured, our certified recycling facility completes the secure equipment destruction process with environmentally responsible disposal and recycling of the metals and plastics in your electronic equipment. In some cases, it is possible to recover some of the cost of disposal through the sale of these recycled materials.

R2 Certified Secure Data Destruction Services


All Green is R2 Certified ** as a responsible recycler by a third party certification body. All Green has the highest standards with policies for managing used and end-of-life electronics equipment, components and materials based on strategies such as reuse, materials and energy recovery and/or disposal. All Green is also audited regularly to ensure the highest possible standards for data destruction, security and a commitment to responsible e-waste recycling.