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On-Site Degaussing

Businesses need to understand the benefits of using an on-site degaussing service. This ensures all confidential data left on media is completely deleted and unable to be restored. Leaving this information on hard drives is incredibly risky.

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The process of destroying data stored on to magnetic media such as hard drives and backup tapes is called degaussing. It is done by using massive pulses of magnetic energy, which destroys data instantly. Degaussing is an excellent way for businesses to protect their confidential information on devices that are no longer used. Simply have media degaussed before discarding it. On-site degaussing is the only guaranteed way to be sure that all digital data is destroyed since even some methods of physical destruction aren’t always foolproof.

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Why Choose On-Site Degaussing?

When a business goes to a facility to learn how to dispose of electronics or for degaussing services, they will usually have the option of on-site or off-site degaussing. On-site degaussing is when the facility destroys the media right away at your business, and off-site degaussing is when a business takes their media to the facility. On-site degaussing is the preferred choice with demanding security requirements, as the media will instantly be rendered useless without leaving the client’s premises.

The On-Site Degaussing Procedure

Degaussing is done by using a powerful magnetic field to change the magnetic alignment which will then leave the magnetic media in random patterns. This process makes any data completely unrecoverable, in turn rendering the media useless.

The degaussing process begins with an engineer delivering the degaussing equipment to the site. An electromagnetic pulse of 9,000 oersteds will be applied, which erases all data from a device. Every device is exposed to 2 Tesla of erasing force for at least 45 seconds. After the job is completed, businesses can have the storage devices transported back to the facility for other media shredding.

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Hard Drive Degaussing

The highest level of data destruction and sanitizing achievable for hard drives is degaussing. This is the only way to ensure that all data is completely removed from a hard drive. Deleting data from a hard drive is not secure enough because – with the right software and know-how – anything can be recovered.

What Can Happen If a Hard Drive Isn’t Degaussed?

In 2014, NAID released the findings of a study that analyzed information left on recycled computers. According to the study, 30 percent of recycled hard drives contained highly confidential information. Some of this information included client and account holder information, such as medical records and banking information. In the wrong hands, this could be extremely detrimental.

To find out more about on-site degaussing and how it can benefit your company or organization, contact All Green Recycling today.

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