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Completely & permanently erase data on a hard drives and other media with our degaussing services. Choose this option in order to add an additional level of data security by choosing to have us degauss hard drives prior to transporting them for shredding or choose to shred media on-site.

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Hard Drive Shredding

When electronic devices reach the end of their useful life you must get rid of them in a secure manner as you replace them with new models and systems.

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Media Degaussing

Degaussing is a process that completely and permanently erases data on a hard drive or other media.This method of erasure uses a machine ...

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Degaussing is a process that completely and permanently erases data on a hard drive or other media. This method of erasure uses a machine called a dagausser to alter the magnetic domain which stores the data on devices that use magnetic data storage. It scrambles the information into unique patterns, preventing it from being organized and read again. No one can retrieve data that has been degaussed and use it.

Off-Site Degaussing

You can ship your hard drives and devices to All Green Electronics Recycling for us to use degaussing to remove all data that has been stored. We provide a certificate of destruction you can keep for your records.

On-Site Degaussing

For information that must be erased prior to leaving your premises, All Green Electronics Recycling provides on-site degaussing where you can monitor the process. We bring the machine to you to remove the data and then recycle or destroy the device.

Self-Service Degaussing

If you regularly have data that needs erased, we can provide the assistance you need for self-service degaussing. This ensures you have expert help when you need and can continue to erase all data in a timely manner.

Shredding Services

Many times, industry or government regulations require you to destroy the device after erasing the data. All Green Electronics Recycling is able to provide a two-step process by degaussing the data and then shredding the device for added security.

How and When Degaussing is Necessary

Degaussing may be the only way to meet federal government standards for special information that may be labeled as top secret, confidential or classified. When specific information must be protected for national security or other instances, the standards may require the use of a degausser for complete data removal, which is then followed by destruction of the device.

Understanding the Degaussing Process

A degausser is a machine used in data destruction that alters the magnetic domain of the device. Any device that uses magnetic data storage may have data erased through a degausser. This includes VHS tapes, DLT and LTO tapes, cassettes and hard drives.

The machine is applied to the device and the data stored is scrambled into various patterns. Once the process is complete, the data is no longer readable. It cannot be retrieved even by professional hackers or data retrieval companies.

With older devices, the items may be reused after degaussing, but it’s not a common practice because many businesses choose to upgrade to newer storage options. For newer data storage devices that use magnetic storage, they are inoperable because the degausser permanently damages the storage system.

Degaussing vs. Shredding

While many companies, including All Green Electronics Recycling, provide shredding services to hard drives and other storage media, this is not considered the safest or most thorough method of data removal. Shredding cuts the media up into tiny pieces that would make data retrieval virtually impossible. However, the data does still exist within these tiny pieces.

When absolute data erasure is required, such as in the case of many government agencies, you need an even more secure data destruction method. Degaussing provides that extra step by completely disorganizing the data into unreadable and irretrievable random patterns. In many cases, shredding becomes the second step for completely secure data destruction.

All Green Electronics Recycling uses the latest equipment and destruction methods to ensure complete removal of data from your devices. With our degaussing equipment and trained technicians, we can provide the most secure data destruction services to meet strict regulations in your industry or those imposed by the federal government.

You will receive a Certificate of Destruction and a complete report detailing the methods we used to render your data irretrievable. We discuss your options with you to provide the right level of security to protect your company and anyone who would be affected by loss of information.

All Green Electronics Recycling maintains our equipment to ensure each process is enacted according to documented procedures. We test our equipment prior to each procedure to ensure everything is working properly. Because we can provide this service at our site or at your location, we are able to meet the various needs of each company and industry.

Any company or organization for whom absolute security is of prime importance can benefit from the dedicated data destruction that degaussing provides. All Green Electronics Recycling will work with you to determine the best method to prevent the sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands and to maintain the reputations of all of our customers.