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Never risk a data breech & protect your brand without losing the value of your hard drives. Our proprietary hard drive erasure and data wipe system guarantees complete eradication of all data & provides full online tracking of your data-containing assets anywhere in the world.

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Hard Drive Shredding

When electronic devices reach the end of their useful life you must get rid of them in a secure manner as you replace them with new models and systems.

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Data Wiping

In many industries, securely erasing all data on hard drives when the devices are no longer usable is required. One process is called Data Wiping...

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Media Degaussing

Degaussing is a process that completely and permanently erases data on a hard drive or other media.This method of erasure uses a machine ...

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Media Shredding

Protect your company and your customers’ information when it comes time to dispose of the data. Whether you store the data on backup tapes...

In many industries, securely erasing all data on hard drives when the devices are no longer usable is required. One process is called Data Wiping, which removes all evidence of any data previously stored on the drive. Any time a company stores “sensitive” data, which includes customer information, vendor information, credit card and account numbers and passwords, and other confidential information, a special process must be used to ensure unauthorized people don’t gain access. All Green Electronics Recycling provides this service to our customers to ensure compliance to regulations within their industries and to protect their reputation for their customers.

Off-Site Data Wiping

Customers can send the electronics devices to our company where we will perform the proper process to ensure the hard drive is wiped clean. You can be assured that no one can access your confidential information once we complete the data wiping process.

On-Site Data Wiping

In many cases, the data must be removed before the hard drive can leave the site. In these instances, All Green Electronics Recycling will come to your location to wipe the data from the device. Then, we will take the device with us for destruction.

Self-Service Wiping

In some situations, it may be possible and even preferable for you to wipe your own data from a hard drive. In these instances, All Green Electronics Recycling can provide the necessary software and support to ensure your confidential information is completely erased.

DOD Certified Wiping

DOD certified wiping offers the most secure method of removing sensitive and confidential information possible. It meets requirements set by the Department of Defense to help you feel confident about the safety of all information that has been stored on devices which are no longer usable.

The Importance of Professional Data Wiping

When you erase files and folders on your hard drive, you no longer have access to this information. All references to the data is also removed, leading you to believe the information no longer exists. The data file is still in existence until it is written over by another file. Clearing the drive or reformatting it isn’t enough to remove all evidence of the former files and folders. An expert in data recovery could easily access this sensitive and confidential information. Data wiping by a professional electronics recycling company like All Green Electronics Recycling ensures the data is completely removed and inaccessible even by the best experts.

How Data Wiping Protects Your Business

Whether your business deals with private customer information such as social security numbers, addresses and phone numbers or account numbers and other financial data, you are required to handle it in a specific manner. These requirements are often set by your industry or the government and extends to as long as you retain the information in your company. Replacing outdated or broken hardware and software requires you to remove all data and ensure other unauthorized people and thieves don’t acquire this privileged information.

Data Wiping Protects Your Company

Data wiping deletes all of this information from your device permanently. It doesn’t destroy the hard drive, but removes the data that was stored on it. This allows the device to be refurbished and reformatted with no fear of the old information being contained on it to be accessed in the future. Special software is used which overwrites the original data so that it cannot be used ever again. All Green Electronics Recycling uses the latest technology to ensure all data is successfully removed.

If your procedures requires the hard drive to be destroyed after wiping the data, All Green provides this service as well. We offer both on-site and off-site data wiping to meet whatever requirements and regulations are necessary for your industry.

A Higher Standard

For businesses with even stricter requirements, we provide DOD data wiping services. This level of data wiping is set by the Department of Defense for handling classified information. The requirements state that the data must be overwritten at least seven times before it can be listed as unrecoverable. A normal data wipe is considered to render the data 90 percent unrecoverable, while a DOD wipe makes it 10X that level.
While you may believe this level of data wiping is only necessary for government agencies, it can also be beneficial to your company. Depending on the type of information you have access to and the danger it poses to your customers or others if it fell in the wrong hands, DOD data wiping can provide peace of mind and protect your business from serious repercussions.