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When it comes to off-site data wiping, we understand that your primary concerns are chain of custody issues, verifying your legal compliance, and peace of mind in knowing that your IT assets have been destroyed to the highest possible standards.

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On-Site Data Wiping

On-site data wiping is the ideal solution for companies whose data destruction policies do not permit IT assets going off-site.

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Self-Service Data Wiping

So much more than hard drive formatting, self-service data wiping overwrites existing data numerous times, rendering the data irretrievable.

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DOD Certified Wiping

Ever since the DOD brought out their NIST 800-88 guidelines, we have ensured that our DOD certified wiping procedures complied.

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Data Wiping

When you need to destroy confidential information but would still like to reuse the device within your company, choose data wiping.

When it comes to managing your company’s IT assets at the end of their useful life, we understand you are looking for peace of mind. You need to know that confidential and proprietary data contained on your IT assets is completely and irretrievably destroyed at the end of the asset’s useful life. When it comes to ensuring that all data is completely wiped from an asset, off-site data wiping is the perfect solution, guaranteeing you the peace of mind that you need.

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The Highest Industry Standards

At All Green Recycling, we comply with nothing less than the highest industry standards when it comes to off-site data wiping. Our policies and procedures have been custom created to ensure that hard drives, IT assets, and any other electronic component that has ever contained data are wiped or destroyed to such an extent that the data is completely irretrievable.

Our policies have been perfected to such an extent theat we guarantee no hard drive or other device is ever skipped, and no data will ever be able to be recovered from your devices in the future.

Stay Informed with Off-Site Data Wiping

Some companies have data destruction policies that require a company representative to personally witness the wiping or destruction of their IT assets. In these situations, you may think that this can only be accomplished by taking advantage of on-site data wiping solutions. While we do offer on-site data wiping for any business at any location throughout the United States, our off-site data wiping services can also accommodate physical witnessing.

We will happily accommodate witnesses at our custom-built off-site data wiping facilities, or we can provide video records of your IT assets being destroyed.

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With Chain of Custody Controls, You Know Where Your Devices Are at All Times

Some companies have been scared off the idea of off-site data wiping due to concerns about chain of custody. At All Green Recycling, we pride ourselves on our chain of custody controls. Ensuring that you are kept informed as to where your IT assets are at all times of the off-site data wiping process, our chain of custody audit trail starts from the moment you put in a request for pickup on our secure website.

From there, our carefully-selected employees take the utmost precautions during transit, and our custom-built trucks are equipped with GPS tracking systems so that every movement of your IT assets are recorded.

In addition to providing you with peace of mind, our chain of custody audit trail ensures that you comply with all legislative and regulatory rules regarding data destruction and off-site data wiping.

Verify Your Legal Compliance with a Certificate of Destruction

You will be provided with a mandatory certificate of destruction following the successful completion of the off-site data wiping process. It is this certificate that will ensure your compliance with this country’s increasingly strict data destruction laws.

A certificate of destruction is your physical proof that you have done everything necessary to destroy the confidential data by way of off-site data wiping.

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The Best of Both Worlds: Off-Site Data Wiping Then Return to Your Premises

Some companies have data destruction policies which require data wiped hard drives and other IT assets to be returned to the business’ premises following off-site data wiping.

If you would prefer your destroyed items to be returned to you to comply with your in-house policies, just let us know. We would be happy to transport your IT assets securely back to your premises, along with your mandatory certificate of destruction, following the off-site data wiping process.

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