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Data wiping is so much more than hard drive formatting. Formatting gives the appearance of data deletion, but simply hides the data in unused sectors. Our proprietary self-service data wiping software overwrites existing data using overwriting patterns.

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Off-Site Data Wiping

When you need off-site data wiping, choose a data destruction company that operates to the highest industry standards.

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On-Site Data Wiping

When you need a bespoke data destruction service for your IT assets, choose on-site data wiping and stay in control at all times.

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DOD Certified Wiping

Choosing DOD certified wiping means that you're choosing the same data destruction techniques that the US military and government use.

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Data Wiping

When you choose data wiping from a professional data destruction company, you are choosing the same techniques used by the Department of Defense.

With self-service data wiping, hard drives stay within their PC or laptop housing while being wiped. Self-service data wiping allows for a bootable USB drive to be created, which not only is the means by which the storage device is wiped but which will also generate the much-needed certificate of data destruction.

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Our Proprietary Self-Service Data Wiping Software

At All Green Recycling, we can provide everything you need in the way of software and tech support to walk you through the process of self-service data wiping. Ideally suited for remote users or organizations who need to effect emergency data destruction, our proprietary self-service data wiping software ensures the complete erasure of your confidential information.

Our proprietary data wiping software erases media devices, hard drives, and partitions on computers, by overwriting the data time and again using expertly-created data overwriting patterns. In addition to overwriting existing data, our data wiping software also overwrites any empty space on the drive in question, giving another layer of security and ensuring that erased files cannot be recovered.

So Much More Than Hard Drive Formatting

It is a commonly-held belief that the data on a hard drive can be erased by “formatting” the drive. Unfortunately, this is far from the case. Disc drive formatting does little more than make the data appear to be hidden, and it takes very little in the way of software and technological know-how for the purportedly deleted data to be completely restored by a data thief.

That’s what differentiates All Green Recycling’s self-service data wiping solutions from hard drive formatting. Our self-service data wiping gives you the tools needed to override data using expertly-created data overwriting patterns of seemingly random digits.

While not as secure as on-site data wiping or off-site data wiping, self-service data wiping is a cost-effective solution that provides a high level of data destruction without requiring physical contact with our staff or our equipment. When emergency data deletion is needed, self-service data wiping is just what you need.

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Combine Data Wiping with Hard Drive Shredding for Ultimate Peace of Mind

We now know that self-service data wiping is the ideal solution for emergency data destruction. Now for complete peace of mind, data wiping should be followed by hard drive shredding. After all, while data wiping will go a long way towards ensuring that your confidential data is inaccessible to others, it is only by physically destroying the hard drive itself that you can ultimately guarantee the total destruction of the device and the data it contains.

Self-service data wiping can best be thought of as an intermediary step before final destruction by way of hard drive shredding or degaussing.

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