Secure Equipment Destruction - AGR


Your equipment will never be used or sold again! Secure & destruction of classified, proprietary equipment, intellectual property, defective goods and counterfeit equipment. Trusted by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and Police Forces. 

Product Recall - AGR

Product Recalls

Protect your brand & take advantage of our full-scale product recall management including shipping, processing, tracking and recycling or destruction.

Defective Product - AGR

Defective Products

Don't allow defective product back on the market & ruin your brand. We specialize in handling & tracking defective goods for recycling & destruction.

Classified Equipment iicon

Classified Destruction

Trusted by the FBI and other government entities for secure destruction of classified equipment across the US. GSA Schedule Contract #: GS-10F-208BA

Reverse Logistics - AGR

Reverse Logistics

Have the entire reverse logistics process managed from returns management to tracking, reporting & destruction or testing, refurbishment & redeployment.

Secure Product Recall & Equipment Destruction

Defective, off-spec, returned, or out-dated merchandise can be detrimental to your manufacturing business if they end up as black or grey market sales.

We understand that landfill is not the solution you need, which is why our certified equipment destruction service – with reverse logistics, comprehensive tracking, and full witness and certification services – allows us to provide complete documentation of the destruction process.

Your equipment, and your reputation, is safe with All Green…

Certifications to Match Your Need

We are fully certified to destroy your defective, off-spec, returned, or out-dated products and merchandise in accordance with all federal and state regulations. We service both government and corporate clients to provide world class electronics recycling and data destruction.

In addition, we have:

  • HIPAA compliance for hospital equipment and medical devices that store medical records
  • DOD compliance for defense contracts and handling the world’s most sensitive data
  • Experience with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for government issued product recalls.

Upon completion of your electronics destruction, a Certificate of Destruction can be issued to show compliance with product recall destruction requirements.

Crush it, Shred it, Destroy it

Product recalls and disaster liquidations are swiftly resolved with our range of destruction services for your electronic equipment.

If you have an equipment destruction need, we offer the following primary destruction methods:

  • Shredding
  • De-manufacturing
  • Crushing

Due to its negative environmental impact, we do not offer incineration at All Green Electronics Recycling.

Your Equipment is Safe, and so is Your Reputation

Our recycling facilities are specially designed to ensure your equipment is secure from start to finish.

Each of our state-of-the-art warehouse facilities are constructed in a way that creates physical separation from our two main recycling streams – secure equipment destruction and our recycle and resale devisions.

And access to our electronics destruction facilities is controlled and monitored with locked gates, alarms and CCTV. All of our employees undergo a background checks, sign non-disclosure / confidentiality agreements, and are thoroughly trained in the highest security procedures.

Comprehensive Equipment Tracking

Every equipment destruction request is handled with precision accuracy with our proprietary Green Pulse® tracking system. You can track the secure destruction of your inventory every step of the way.

If you require additional tracking certification, we’ve got you covered. We can fulfill any corporate or government-mandated tracking and product recall destruction requirements.

There is no chance of cross contamination, and step-by-step verification of the destruction process minimizes the impact of product recall has to your operations.

Convenient On and Off Site Destruction

Whether you prefer to management the destruction process in person, or if you’re wanting the process taken away from your office facility, we offer on-site and off-site destruction.

Using secure transportation and trucking of palletized material with our custom fleet of secure trucks, the transportation process is managed by an accredited supervisor who will sign for all loads providing complete chain-of-custody of the destruction process.

Returned Equipment Recycling

When you’re in business, returns are inevitable. What do you do with equipment returned to you by your clients? Unless you’re using returned equipment recycling, you’re leaving your business open to damage.

The Equipment Destruction Process

If you need to recall and destroy equipment or products, then you need to ensure the job is done right. Our comprehensive e-waste destruction process can safely and permanently dispose of your sensitive electronic devices in five simple steps:

  1. Secure transport to our disposal facility
  2. Detailed inventory generation to ensure ALL items are tracked and destroyed
  3. Secure destruction and storage of your assets according to strict standards and compliance  
  4. Complete inventory tracking using our custom Green Pulse® inventory management software
  5. Confirmation, certification, reporting, and indemnification of your equipment. 

And if you require proof that your recalled products have been properly destroyed, we can help.

Our Green Pulse inventory tracking system creates a documented audit trail to provide verification that recalled equipment has been destroyed – a particularly important feature to meet regulatory compliance mandates or brand protection directives.

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