Defective Product - AGR

Defective Product Destruction

Don’t risk the reputation of your brand by allowing defective product back on the market. Manufacturers trust All Green because we guarantee the complete destruction of recalled and defective product and provide online reporting destruction.

Defective Product - AGR

Equipment Destruction

Protect your technology and ensure your manufactured goods stay off the grey market with our secure equipment destruction and reverse logistics service.

Product Recall - AGR

Product Recalls

Withdraw your products from the marketplace and ensure proper destruction of defective products. Our Green Pulse® technology keeps you informed at every step.

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Classified Destruction

Classified and sensitive data is safe and certified with our equipment destruction capability. With HIPAA and DoD certification, your technology is in safe hands.

Reverse Logistics - AGR

Reverse Logistics

You can opt for our reverse logistics service to manage the end-to-end pickup and delivery of your sensitive electronic equipment to our nearest electronics destruction facility.

Destroy Your Defective Product Securely

Without correct disposal through defective product destruction, your defective products, prototypes and recalls can turn up in the resale market to compete against you. There is also the chance of image, logo, and brand theft.

We can destroy almost any electronic equipment you make – from printers and mobile phones to PCs and hover boards – and they are demolished in full compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

At All Green, your items are not just thoughtfully disposed, they are permanently destroyed.

Protect Your Products from Black Market Sales

In some cases, your defective products can reach the black or grey markets and become unwanted competition for your brand. Your reputation can also be at risk from customers acquiring faulty, damaged, or unsafe stock that was not approved by your manufacturing QA processes.

Make sure your business is in good hands with secure defective product destruction for your electronic equipment.

Sending Your Brand to Landfill Leaves You Exposed

Sending your defective electronic goods to landfill leaves you vulnerable to privacy breach, security breach, and technology breach. You NEED to ensure your reputation is in safe hands with secure and certified electronics destruction.

Some items that may be suitable for our defective product destruction service include:

  • Excess, faulty or damaged equipment
  • Expired and recalled electronic equipment
  • Cosmetically defective
  • Prototype samples
  • Obsolete inventory

Case Study: Recalled Whitegoods Are “Ticking Time Bombs”

Numerous reports are surfacing of whitegoods – particularly refrigerators and freezers – exploding and causing grave injuries and even death. If that wasn’t disturbing enough, further reports suggest that many of the whitegood death traps were defective products and had been subject to a recall, according to the Daily Mail.

  • Shocking revelations suggest that the devastating fire in a London apartment block earlier in 2017 may have originated when a refrigerator exploded in a fourth-floor apartment. The fire, which was so devastating that London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton described it as “an unprecedented incident” and of a scale that he has not previously seen in his 29 years of service, killed at least 80 people, according to the BBC.
  • In February 2017, a 54-year-old man barely survived after his refrigerator exploded with such force that the door was blown off its hinges, according to the Daily Mail. The appliance in question was a Samsung RS21NCNS fridge freezer which had been discontinued eight years earlier, in 2009.
  • Also in 2017, a 63-year-old man died after his faulty Beko fridge-freezer, which was the subject of a safety recall, exploded.
  • Another Beko fridge-freezer explosion caused the death of a man in 2014, who died saving two children after the appliance exploded in north London. The refrigerator had been recalled 11 years earlier, in 2003.

The Daily Mail also reported that more than 250 electrical products have been the subject of a defective product recall over the past six years, yet huge numbers of defective whitegoods are still in circulation.

The question then becomes: how many of these defective products are still being used because they were purchased prior to the recall and the owners are unaware that the product has been recalled, and how many were sold on the gray or black market after the recall was announced?

If manufacturers are not vigilant about making use of defective product destruction to completely eradicate all forms of a product once it has been identified as unsafe or defective, goods can easily end up on the gray or black market by unscrupulous retailers looking to make easy money.

Don’t fall victim. Cement your brand integrity and satisfy the needs of regulators and stakeholders with defective product destruction from All Green Recycling.