Product Recall - AGR


When you require the withdrawal and destruction of your products, we provide logistics and tracking to manage the recall destruction of your goods. Keep your products off the grey and black markets with our product recall management solution.

Product Recall - AGR

Product Recalls

Avoid your product heading to the grey market, and protect your business's intellectual property with secure product recall and destruction.

Defective Product - AGR

Defective Products

Accelerate the effective withdrawal and destruction of your recalled, defective products with our reverse logistics and recall management service.

Reverse Logistics - AGR

Reverse Logistics

Trust our reverse logistics and tracking service to manage your product recalls and complete the removal process with equipment destruction services.

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Classified Destruction

Both government and corporate clients trust us with the destruction of classified information and equipment. Our certifications provide the utmost security.

Secure Product Recall Management & Disposal

When faulty products threaten your businesses reputation, you can protect your trade secrets and proprietary technology with our certified product recall management and disposal services.

We will deface, destroy and catalog your proprietary equipment according to the highest industry standards of equipment destruction. And we understand that a documented audit trail is important to meet regulatory compliance legislation and brand protection measures. For this reason, a Certificate of Destruction is provided to indemnify your business.

With All Green Electronics Recycling, your manufacturing business is in safe hands.

World Class Recall and Product Management is Here

When it comes to safeguarding your company’s reputation, we use our product recall expertise and world-class infrastructure to protect your interests.

With All Green Electronics Recycling, your business is covered throughout the supply chain. From pickup to processing, we certify our work completely.

Some of our quality measures include:

  • Our Green Pulse® online portal can verify weights, payments and your order history
  • Certificate of Destruction for sensitive and regulated defective products
  • Secure storage and handling throughout the entire product recall management process
  • Multiple locations across the globe with comprehensive support from our partner processing sites

Effective Product Recall Management Is Essential

The effective management of products subject to a recall must be of paramount importance to any company. While there are laws (and correspondingly strict penalties) prohibiting individuals or organizations from selling recalled products, ultimately it is the name-brand company that will pay the highest price for the continued sale of recalled products.

Best Buy’s Actions Put Canon, Toshiba, and LG Reputations at Risk

As Fortune reported, Best Buy was charged with selling 600 recalled items between late 2010 and late 2015, and reached a settlement agreement with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2016. At least 300 of the recalled items illegally sold by Best Buy were Canon cameras, while others included LG washing machines and dryers, and Toshiba computers.

It was established that Canon, Toshiba, and the other brands whose recalled products had continued to be onsold by Best Buy had played no part in the incident, and had followed all necessary procedures relating to the product recalls.

While it was Best Buy that committed the crime and paid the price in the form of a $3.8 million penalty, arguably Canon, Toshiba, and the other brands have paid just as heavy a price. Many – if not all – of the consumers who purchased the recalled products from Best Buy presumably did not know that the product they had chosen to purchase was subject to a recall. As such, they were unknowingly purchasing defective goods – or goods that were potentially dangerous – and would be likely to blame the brand name behind the product, rather than the retail store it was purchased from, when the defect became apparent.

Ensure Effective Product Recall Management with All Green Recycling

As a business, you cannot control the actions of other individuals or businesses. What you can control, however, is the fate of your recalled products. It is only with the world-class product recall management provided by All Green Recycling that companies of any size can ensure that their recalled products never end up in the hands of consumers.

We can ensure the proper destruction of your equipment and provide you with certified verification of that destruction by an authorized supervisor of your case. And if you’d prefer to oversee the destruction of your inventory yourself, we can arrange for that too.

Indemnify your business from black and grey market sales with our safe, secure product recall management service.