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Cardboard Recycling: Everything Your Business Needs To Know

  Did you know that it takes seventeen trees to make one ton of cardboard? That’s a lot of trees and a big carbon footprint. But thankfully, cardboard recycling can..

Recycling Equipment Map

Recycling Equipment and Mandated Laws

Only about 12.5% of e-waste is currently recycled, so where does all of our old equipment go? The answer to that question is landfills. Responsible recycling equipment is a vital..

The Laptop Recycling Process - AGR

Laptop Recycling: How to Recycle Your Laptop?

On average, 320 tons of gold and 7,500 tons of silver are used worldwide to construct computers each year. It is a fraction of the cost to recover these materials..


Destroy & Erase Data Like A Pro With These 5 Free Hard Drive Wipe Tools

You want to sell your old computer and you’ve heard that you should securely erase the hard drive data first, but how? There’s a bunch of free hard drive wipe..

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How to Dispose of a Printer

Printers, copiers, and fax machines are among the most common electronics in any work environment, whether in a home office..

Best Place to Sell Electronics

29 Of The Best Place to Sell Electronics

On a global level, 40 million tons of electronic waste is generated each year. With the advancements in technology and..

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Are CD Cases Recyclable? Are CDs Recyclable too?

Compact disks may well represent the last generation of a dying breed. As the necessity for physical media continues to dwindle with the introduction and expansion of digital streaming services,..

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What Are The 3 Types Of Recycling?

Did you know that automobiles happen to be the most recycled consumer product? 80% of all cars that are discarded become recycled. Understanding the various types of recycling will help..


Recycling Computer Parts

E-waste is on the rise and is becoming an issue all across the globe. The problem is worse in developing countries than it is in developed countries, like the United..

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How Businesses Dispose of Electronic Waste

E-waste is a growing problem in the United States. As the shelf life of electronics decreases and we are buying more and more gadgets and products, e-waste is piling up in..

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What Is Data Destruction, The Best Ways To Erase Your Data Securely

The end goal of any data destruction procedure is to make the information on a particular electronic device unreadable, but what is data destruction? And how comprehensive is the destruction..

The 5 benefits of going green for your organization by All Green Electronics Recycling.

5 Benefits of Going Green for Any Business

Research from Nielsen shows a whopping 81 percent of customers around the world think it is extremely important for businesses to enact environmentally sustainable policies and not leave their carbon..

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The Difference Between Used and Refurbished and Is Refurbished Better?

The newest versions of the latest iPhones are not the world’s fastest selling smartphones; refurbished cell phones are, Counterpoint Research reveals. That makes sense: refurbished products aren’t just cheaper than..

6 Reasons Why Your Company Should Reconsider Its E-Waste Strategies

Your company is likely sitting on outdated, unused technology. Old hardware takes up valuable space, and could pose a legitimate security risk if it contains sensitive information. As electronic data..

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How to completely Dispose of Old Computers in 7 Easy Steps

Personal computers have become a constant tool in the lives of both individuals and enterprises. According to a report by Gartner, over 290 million computers were shipped to buyers globally..

How to completely erase a hard drive image

How to Completely Erase a Hard Drive in 5 Simple Ways

Knowing how to completely erase a hard drive can save you and your organization millions of dollars in the long run. How? By simply avoiding the type of data breaches..

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4 Affordable IT Asset Disposal Best Practices

Did you know that due to lack of proper IT asset disposition, the U.S throws away $60 million worth of gold, silver and other precious metals annually? Parts from old..


E Waste Management: Why It’s Important, And The 3 Disposal Approaches

Adequate e-waste management and disposal isn’t only crucial for sustaining the environment, but it’s also a vital practice for any company. Ask Comcast, who in 2015 paid $25.95 million in..


Where to donate computers in the OC? 7 Charities That Need Your PC

Do you have an old computer that you no longer need, sitting in your closet, collecting dust? If you’re wondering where to donate computers, then consider a donation for nonprofits!..


These 3 Gadgets Will Earn You The Most Come Trade-In Time

Wondering how to recycle electronics for cash and earn real money from IT waste? Selling your old and used gadgets on one of the many buyback websites (like Sell Broke..

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Where To Recycle Hard Drives in Los Angeles: 4 Drop Off Locations

It’s come time to dispose of your old PC or laptop, but you’re concerned about any remaining data that might remain on storage media. So where to recycle hard drives..

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Protect Yourself With These 7 IT Asset Disposal Procedure

You’ve just ordered fresh IT office equipment, and to make room for the new gear you decide to put retired IT assets in the storeroom out back for a few..

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How to Recycle Old Electronics

The high turnover of electronic equipment has many businesspeople wondering how to recycle old electronics in a secure and lawful way. Indeed, this is a question that is worth spending..

How To Recycle Hard Drives Image - AGR

How to Recycle Hard Drives

Data breaches can affect companies and organizations of every size and across every industry. In 2011, Sony’s PlayStation network was hacked in what would become the worst data breach throughout..

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What is the Purpose of Data Shredding?

Uber revolutionized the taxicab industry in 2009, but it wasn’t until late 2016 that it succumbed to one of the largest data breaches in the world. Unfortunately for Uber, its..

How to Destroy A Hard Drive Image _ AGR

How to Destroy a Hard Drive

eBay is so well known that it almost rivals Coca-Cola as an internationally recognized brand name. That’s why the world was in shock when, in May 2014, eBay’s CEO John..

What Is The Disposal Of An Asset Image - AGR

What is the Disposal of An IT Asset?

September 2016 was a month to remember in the world of data destruction. It was the month that saw approximately 3 billion people have their personal information stolen in one..