Recycling Computer Parts

waste (a.k.a. e-waste) is on the rise and is becoming an issue all across the globe. The problem is worse in developing countries than it is in developed countries, like the United States, but people and countries around the world are being negatively impacted by this issue. Recycling our e-waste is the best way to reduce the enormous amount of it that seems to be increasing year after year.

Computer waste is a part of the e-waste problem. Computers can be broken down into parts and recycled that way. Recycling computer parts is slightly less complex than recycling the entire computer as a whole, when it comes to the recycling process. However, you can recycle computer parts in some of the same ways you can recycle an old computer. This means, that if you have computer parts that are still operable and in working order, “recycling” computer parts can be as simple as “reusing” them.

Recycling Computer Parts That Are Still In Working Order

Recycling computer parts by reusing them is a useful and responsible form of recycling, and it helps to reduce the amount of e-waste accumulating around the world. You can reuse your old computer parts in many of the same ways that you can reuse your old computers. This can include selling these old computer parts for a little bit of extra spending cash.

A lot of the online sites that allow you to list your used computers and other electronics for sale are the same sites you can use to list your old computer parts for sale as well. You can list your items on sites like Craigslist for free.

EBay is a site that allows you to list your computer parts as either an auction or a buy-it-now type of listing and you can also add a “best offer” option. This option lets prospective buyers make you an offer. You can decide whether or not you want to accept their offering price. EBay offers your payments in the form of PayPal.

Amazon is another site you can use for recycling computer parts by listing them for sale on the site. Amazon is different from eBay in the sense that you receive your money through direct deposit into your bank account whenever you successfully make a sale. Both eBay and Amazon charge listing fees as well as percentage costs for every sale.

You can also give away your working computer parts. This is another way of recycling computer parts. If you know someone who needs a working computer part, you can give it to them, or you can contact places like the Goodwill or other non-profit organizations to see if they will accept your computer parts as donations.

Recycling Computer Parts That Are No Longer Working

If you have old computer parts that are no longer in working order, you can take them to recycling centers that accept e-waste. These recycling facilities specialize in recycling computer parts and other e-waste products.

There are also retail stores that will accept your computer parts for recycling purposes. You can always contact retail stores like Staples and Best Buy to see if they will accept your computer parts for recycling.

When it comes to recycling computer parts, you have a number of options. You can choose whichever option you feel the most comfortable with. Just remember that when you choose to recycle your e-waste you are choosing to help save the planet from e-waste accumulation.


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