Reverse Logistics and Product Return


We can manage the full reverse logistics process – the returns management, tracking and reporting – everything needed to indemnify your business. We can destroy the equipment, or test, refurbish, and return it to you, or resell it on your behalf.

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Secure Equipment

Your private and confidential data is secure with our equipment destruction service. Trusted by the FBI, NSA, DoD and more...

Product Recall - AGR


Protect your brand from black market sales with our full-scale product recall service - from shipping, processing, and tracking to fully destruction.

Defective Product - AGR


Keep defective product off the black and grey market, protect your brand image, and maintain competitive business without competition from expired product with destruction.

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We are trusted by the FBI, NSA, DoD, and other government entities for the secure destruction of classified equipment across the US with a GSA Schedule Contract.

Reverse Logistics

Our streamlined reverse logistics services provide custom solutions and generates maximum recovery for your business.

We service global customers with a reverse supply chain service that handles the planning and implementation of the secure returns process from start to finish. We used our advanced Green Pulse® management system to control the efficient, cost effective flow of raw materials, in-process inventory, and finished goods throughout the entire recovery process. From your depot to ours, we recapture maximum value from your inventory and ensure safe and proper disposal according to the highest security standards.

All Green Electronics Recycling is an experienced that knows the ins and outs of reverse logistics to provide you with a streamlined service to generates maximum value recovery.

A Global Reverse Logistics Service 

We specialize in certified return logistics Services anywhere in the world.

Businesses worldwide trust us to avoid returns, reduce material or inventory movement, and to ensure the maximum return through reuse and recycling of materials.

A recent survey of Fortune 1,000 companies revealed that All Green is the most trusted name for providers of logistics management.

Safe Reverse Supply Chain Company

Organizations that value convenient reverse logistics services choose us to manage their reverse supply chain inventory movements. Contact us today in order to receive more information or to schedule your project.

Secure Returns Management Program

Our convenient returns management process allows you to focus on what you do best while we do what we do best. Managing returns logistics is certainly not an easy thing to do for more retailers, distributors and manufacturers. But it is an important part of doing business.

Reverse Logistics is what we do best.

Comprehensive RMA Tracking and Management

Contact one of the best returns management companies in the industry as judged by the Reverse Logistics Association (RLA).

Our proprietary Green Pulse® RMA tracking software allows consumers, retailers and our other supply chain partners to submit and track the return of merchandise products and electronic parts in real-time.  

Essential Communication

Our customer service team keeps you involved in every step of the Reverse Logistics process. Our Green Pulse® software and advanced tracking sequence can update you every step of the way. Once the product is analyzed as to why it was defective, we provide a comprehensive report detailing what we found to the manufacturer and/or retailer so as to prevent future returns. 

Secure Disposal

No one understands the value of reputation better than we do. You can be assured we look out for the reputation of our clients. The components of electronic equipment often contain computerized chips with a broad array of data. We understand this data must be securely deleted and we accomplish this using a range of data destruction techniques.