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The Evolving Need For Certified Electronics Recycling

Certified electronics recycling is a solution that has evolved in response to an unexpected problem, as consumers and companies alike wonder what to do with e-waste. Unprecedented demand for electronic equipment, coupled with the progressively shortened useful life of electronics and the speed at which technology evolves, has caused an ever-increasing problem with e waste.

E-waste is an enormous category of items, broadly described as any electronic waste – whether in working condition or not – that is no longer wanted. E-waste occurs when electronic items become obsolete, broken or damaged, or have been superseded.

Unlike other office equipment, electronic equipment contains sensitive data: data that companies have legal and ethical requirements to protect. As such, unwanted electronic equipment cannot simply be thrown away, resold, or recycled. Certified electronics recycling is the only way of disposing of e-waste without leaving your company liable for a costly and time-consuming lawsuit.

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Determining how to handle the disposal of electronic recycling equipment can be a daunting task for any organization. Beyond internal sustainability policies, there are an increasing number of government policies around how and where to recycle electronics, and increased regulations to consider when choosing a vendor for the e-waste recycling.

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Earth 911 reported on some alarming statistics about electronics disposal. Perhaps the most alarming statistic is that anywhere from 20 to 50 million metric tons of e waste are discarded annually, according to figures released by the United Nations. In addition, the EPA’s figures suggest that only 12.5% of electronic items are properly recycled.

This raises serious concerns about the methods of electronics disposal that companies and individuals are using for the remaining 87.5% of electronic items.

The Green Building Research Institute reported on other facts relating to electronic disposal and e-waste, focusing in particular on the environmental concerns regarding the improper disposal of electronic waste.

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We remove the complexity and guarantee accountability to ensure that the electronics recycling process is performed both securely and responsibly. Protecting your sensitive data and ensuring full environmental compliance are our priorities while we perform all types of secure e waste recycling, and we are happy to offer electronics recycling pickup services.

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While responsible electronics recycling may be a valid path for some decommissioned electronic assets, we consider it a final step in a more comprehensive ITAD strategy. It is far more beneficial for both the environment and your company’s bottom line to repurpose or remarket equipment. In many cases, however, electronics recycling pickups and electronics disposal is the most viable option for the disposal of your electronic equipment. All Green Electronics Recycling removes the headache by working with you to determine the best electronic recycling solutions for your business.

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Since we operate more trucks than any IT Recycling Solutions vendor in North America, we are able to provide you with convenient pickup services on your schedule. Our experts can come to any of your individual locations in North America for collection, packaging, and removal of your unwanted IT equipment. Our state-of-the-art logistics systems then allow you to track your assets through the process of recycling electronics in real-time via a secure, online client portal.

All Green Recycling Certified Integrity and Assurance


All Green Electronics Recycling recognizes that entrusting an outside vendor with the disposal of your company unwanted or superseded electronic equipment is not a decision to be taken lightly. We boast a proven record of going above and beyond the most stringent global standards. Based on All Green’s certified compliance reports that document each individual electronic asset through every step of our centrally managed process, our services are transparent and effortless for our customers.

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Improperly disposing of toxic electronic equipment can leave your organization liable for potentially millions of dollars in government fines and cleanup costs, in addition to the possibility of irreversible damage to your reputation. All Green Electronics Recycling’s zero-landfill policy not only helps preserve the environment, but also protects our clients from unnecessary risk. Our facilities go far beyond electronics recycling, as we also ensure that everything that enters our system, including packaging material such as plastic, cardboard, and Styrofoam, is properly recycled.


All Green is R2 Certified **** as a responsible recycler by a third party certification body. All Green has the highest standards with policies for managing used and end-of-life electronics equipment, components and materials based on strategies such as reuse, materials and energy recovery and/or disposal. All Green is also audited regularly to ensure the highest possible standards for data destruction, security and a commitment to responsible e-waste recycling.

Responsible Electronics Recycling

Why Electronics Recycling Is So Important, And Where to Recycle Electronics

The demand for new electronics and the latest computing technology has caused an upsurge in electronics recycling programs across America, making it easier for individuals and businesses alike to find out where to recycle electronics.

All Green Recycling’s electronics recycling program guarantees the safety of confidential data stored on the electronic devices, while also ensuring compliance with all relevant data safety laws and industry regulations. As the largest provider of recycling services in North America, All Green Recycling can arrange to pick up your computers and other unwanted electronic gadgets and devices from your premises at your convenience.

In addition, some manufacturers and large retailers offer limited electronics recycling services in which cell phones, computers, and televisions can be dropped off in selected stores for recycling.

While these manufacturer- and store-sponsored programs are fantastic and will go a long way towards alleviating the environmental problems caused by e-waste, they leave individuals, companies, and organizations open to potential data breach issues. As such, it is essential to remove all data from computers and other devices before sending them off for recycling: including CDs and DVDs, removable media, and even internal hard drives, which must be shredded to ensure complete data safety.

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