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Recycle Servers, Network, Telecom & other IT Equipment with guaranteed hard drive destruction. Convenient pickup services nationwide for server recycling with certified e-waste recycling, IT Asset Disposition and witnessed hard drive shredding.

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Computer Recycling just about anywhere in The World is made hassle-free together with our Certified Computer Disposal Services.

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There is more than one way to recycle. We work with you to find the method that is best for both your company and....

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IT companies face increasing legislation that penalizes them for disposing of equipment in an environmentally-unsound way. Simultaneously, there is pressure on IT companies to ensure that customer data is safe and secure at all times, even during destruction.

All Green Electronics Recycling offers pickup of your servers from your location and the certified destruction of data during our efficient recycling process. Your servers are reliably and ethically recycled, meaning that your company has made every effort to be a responsible vendor. All Green is a leader in server recycling. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions.

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There is more than one way to recycle. We work with you to find the method that is best for both your company and the environment. Some old IT equipment can be resold, helping you to recoup the cost of it. Other equipment may no longer be used, but recycling it is the responsible way to make sure that the reusable parts are not left in some landfill. We are professionals in the field of IT recycling and can give you the advice you need to help you decide the best way to dispose of your equipment.

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We know how hard it can be to find a way to dispose of your aging server equipment. That’s why we will have our professionals pack up, label, and haul your old equipment away. We even provide tracking online, so you know where everything is at all times. And don’t worry about the cost, because we have optimized our fleet of trucks to reduce costs, and we pass those savings on to you.

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One of the biggest worries our clients have is that their old IT equipment contains sensitive company information. We get that. We ensure that we are up to date on the best practices for safe data handling, as well as the best environmental disposal of your old machines. Plus, our long experience in the field ensures that we will have the expertise to deal with your equipment in the safest manner possible. So don’t worry! We have it handled.

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Of course, there are other ways to dispose of your server equipment. But your company’s reputation and your very business could be on the line if you make a mistake here. Recycling is a move you can be proud of, as it is proof that your company is planning for the future. All Green Electronics Recycling ensures that your old equipment will be recycled in a safe and secure way that your company can feel good about and that meets every government guideline.

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Old and out of date computing servers can be a big drain on any organization. Old computer servers are large in size and occupy an equally large amount of space. In addition, they are slow in computing power and thus prove to be an economic drain on the organization’s resources. It makes sense to replace them with newer and more advanced servers. The critical problem that organizations face is how to ethically dispose of the old servers in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Recycle Old ServerThis is where companies that offer proper and ethical server disposal step in. All Green Electronics Recycling carries away the old server equipment and issues a service certificate that the disposal completed would be ethical and complying with all local regulations.

Thus disposal of servers can be a large undertaking which must to be very carefully planned and executed. Such disposal essentially divides any server equipment in two portions – that which should be recycled and that which could be re-used. Memory and some ALU parts can be re-purposed and re-used in newer computing servers. Plastic, rubber, glass, fiber etc. are also recyclable. With the right choices made, it is ensured that virtually nothing enters landfills. In no case will any hazardous substance or chemicals that can contaminate land or affect soil quality be allowed to do so.

Industry-Leading Digital Data Erasure Services

We know that there are additional issues to deal with when it comes to servers. In the disposal of e-waste like servers, digital erasure is essential to protect clients from potential data theft. With sensitive IT equipment like servers, the first task of disposal is comprised of first removing hard disks and erasing all data from them. Certificates which show that all data was erased can be printed from our website, making compliance easy.

It is only then disks are forwarded for further disposal or recycling. In many cases the hard drives are simply crushed using specialized crushers. The alloys and plastic matter are often smelted. We do our best to ensure that the materials and parts in all server equipment that comes through our doors is put to the best use.

Let All Green Electronics Recycling handle all of your server recycling needs. Get in touch today to discuss our custom IT recycling solutions, and we’ll walk you through some of the ways that we can help your business recycle old server equipment and get a return on it.