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Recycle E-Readers, Tablets and any other mobile devices with certified hard drive destruction. Convenient pickup services nationwide for E-Reader Recycling. Certified E-Waste Recycling, IT Asset Disposition and on-site hard drive shredding.

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Electronics Recycling

Convenient IT Equipment & E-Waste recycling services anywhere in the world with online reporting and a focus on security & compliance.

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IT Asset Disposition

Retire IT Assets & recover maximum value with our certified refurbishment, redeployment and remarketing services anywhere in the world.

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Data Destruction

Protect against data breeches & ensure full data security compliance with industry leading certified data wipes, hard drive destruction & On-Site Shredding.

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Equipment Destruction

Protect your brand & ensure your equipment NEVER makes its way back on the market with secure & certified equipment destruction services.

Recycle Your Old E-Reader

Recycling your old e-reader is easy and efficient with All Green Electronics Recycling. An e-reader, also called an e-book reader, is a portable electronic device used to read digital books and periodicals. E-readers are known for their long battery life and readability. Help keep your old e-reader out of a landfill by recycling it responsibly with All Green! A large number of non-renewable materials and precious metals go into the creation of an e-reader, not to mention the amount of energy and resources that are used to create one. Those who purchase an e-reader are looking to reduce their carbon footprint, but this goes out the window if an old e-reader is not recycled when it is no longer needed. Recycle your old e-reader with All Green Electronics Recycling – we will ensure that every part of your old e-reader is efficiently reused or recycled. Read on to discover some of the benefits of choosing All Green Electronics Recycling as your preferred e-reader recycler.



Centrally Managed E-Reader Recycling Process


It is our philosophy that a one-size-fits-all recycling program only serves to increase the problem of removing and throwing away equipment. With you, we will create a cost-effective and complete ITAD strategy for your company. Another source of income will be generated by repurposing and remarketing equipment that is no longer useful. Precious metals that are recovered from recycling old equipment can also generate income. Because of our expertise in this field, we are able to define the best course of action for retiring e-readers you no longer use, in a way that is safe, secure and economically practical.

All Green Electronics Recycling Makes Recycling Easy And Convenient


We can pick up your e-readers that you want to recycle from your location without suffering high costs. We can do this because in North America, we operate the largest force of IT recycling trucks. No item is too big or too small. Our recycling experts will handle all the details; from packaging, to labeling and removal. Your outdated equipment will be conveniently taken care of for you. Our cutting edge online management portal allows you to track where your e-reader is at all times. It has never been easier to recycle your equipment responsibly!

We Minimize Risk With Secure Disposal Of All Data


Extreme care is required for the disposal of equipment like e-readers which could possibly hold important data. Businesses trust us on a daily basis because of our dedication, honesty, and proven history of responsible equipment recycling. We meet and exceed the standard by holding the most prestigious certificates in the business. Each and every step of the process is carefully managed and monitored, and all data is always available to you.

We Help Maximize Remarketing Value For End Of Life All Electronic Devices


Violating the laws on equipment recycling can destroy a hard-earned reputation and damage your business in a way from which it may never recover. The risk of using dangerous methods to get rid of your e-readers can leave you faced with huge fines. Your company is protected from risk because we go above and beyond minimum guidelines put forth by the government. We ensure that 100% of items that come through our doors are recycled, all while offering a more manageable future for our planet.

Flow Diagram Of Electronics Recycling Process


All Green Electronics Recycling loves recycling e-readers such as Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK, Kobo’s Glow reader, and lesser known e-readers like the Pocketbook, Bebook, and all the rest! Our recycling process is so profitable that we can give you a one-time e-reader recycling royalty payment.

Use Our Website to Track the Process Every Step of the Way

Our user friendly website allows you to track every little step in the recycling of the materials, compounds and parts of your recycling e-reader. It instills confidence in our customers that we provide a holistic approach to the task, unlike our competitors in the recycling industry who willfully ship e-readers to third world countries to be dumped in landfills.

Why We Do This for the E-Reader Customer

Recycling-EreaderNot all e-readers are built the same. Each e-reader has its own recycling protocols to follow because they contain different materials. For example, Sony’s e-readers don’t contain toxic materials such as polyvinyl chloride. An e-reader on average requires 33 different types of materials. A lot of the materials are mined in Africa. For example, the material columbite-tantalite comes mainly from Africa. The circuit boards contain gold.

By removing the gold and other materials we can pay the donor a one-time royalty fee. We do the work ourselves and don’t shift the work to third world countries. We use a state-of-the-art approach, protecting our employees and the environment.

The Benefits of Recycling E-Readers for Our Society

Recycling e-readers prevents lithium and mercury from going to the landfill to pollute our air and water supply. Lithium is used in the batteries for e-readers and mercury is used to make the screens.

Some e-reader manufacturers use arsenic, beryllium, cadmium and lead in e-readers increasing the cost of recycling. We recycle batteries separately from the other parts.

How to Recycle E-Readers

You have two choices. We pick up your e-reader for recycling or you can drop off the e-reader at one of our national drop-off centers. Call us today!