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Recycle Computer Mice, Computers and Other IT Equipment with R2 certified hard drive destruction. Convenient pickup services nationwide for Computer Mice Recycling & Disposal. 

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Retire IT Assets & recover maximum value with our refurbishment, redeployment and remarketing services anywhere in the world.

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Protect against data breeches & ensure full data security compliance with industry leading data wipes, hard drive destruction & On-Site Shredding.

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Ethically recycle your computer mice at All Green Electronics Recycling. Recycling computer mice helps to ensure non-renewable materials are sensibly re-used or re-purposed. With the advent of USB mice, laser-guided computer mice, touchpads and touch-screen technology, older mice technology has become obsolete. Also, as one of the few mechanical or semi-mechanical items in use in the office, we can tend to go through computer mice rather quickly. Older or broken mice should be recycled so that the materials can be re-used. All Green Electronics Recycling is your trusted electronic equipment recycling partner – we’ll ensure that mouse gets a good new home.

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Recycle Computer Mice, Computers and Other IT Equipment with R2 certified hard drive destruction. Convenient pickup services nationwide for Computer Mice Recycling & Disposal. 

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Decommissioning of retired equipment should be cheap, safe and secure. Because of our expertise in recycling IT assets, we can skillfully decide on the best options available. The recycling process isn’t just about disposing of outdated equipment. We believe in a more comprehensive approach. We serve you with a unique ITAD we will draft up for your company that is both cost-effective and environmentally-friendly. Common strategies for disposal include repurposing and remarketing items. Another approach is recycling rare metal components. Both can help generate revenue for your company.

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Decommissioning equipment responsibly has historically been an expensive task. Getting to your location to pick up your outdated mice doesn’t cost us a lot, because we use our own IT recycling trucks. In fact, we operate the biggest IT recycling fleet in the whole North American continent! Packaging is delicately taken care of by our qualified experts. They also handle the labeling and dismantling of your old equipment for your convenience.

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Decommissioning normal assets such as mice is one thing, while disposing of equipment with data is a different matter. The latter requires a very high level of responsibility. Our history is characterized by a long track record of integrity and absolute care. That we are the most dedicated recycling company available is testified to by the highest certificates we hold in the field.

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Irresponsibly decommissioning old equipment is illegal. Failing to perform due care results in fines. Undoubtedly, that can cripple a company financially. It might even pose the bigger risk of damaging a hard-earned reputation. Our guidelines are better and stricter than those of the government minimums. All items we handle are 100% recycled. Our dedication to responsible recycling allows us to safely handle your equipment, and we can maintain our planet’s sustainability together.

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Recycling your computer accessories like mice is a great way to help out the environment, and it’s easy too! With most people switching to portable computer options such as laptops and tablets, it’s often easiest to get rid of older computer accessories like PS/2 mice or trackballs, or replace them with newer components. In both these options, the question arises – what do you do with your old mouse? Throwing it in the trash is an option, but it’s wasteful and ignores what that mouse could become if it were recycled.

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One of the most simple ways that computer mice recycling helps the environment is that it reduces the amount of waste which ends up in landfill sites or which is illegal dumped into waterways and channels. Materials like computer mice, which are termed e-waste, are what make up 75% of the toxic waste in landfills. Recycling mice also allows for the materials to be channeled back into industry, so that less new raw material has to be produced. This allows for the reduction of the amount of natural materials that are harvested, and newer products produced are better for the environment.
Recycling Mouse1B ImageIn fact, in many areas, disposal of computer mice is covered under recycling of electronic equipment laws, and legally it must be done correctly so that toxic waste is kept out of landfills.

It is also important for the materials in the mouse such as the plastics and the circuitry to be recycled, because these materials contain elements such as metals like cadmium, mercury and lead which are dangerous to the environment and must be recycled responsibly.

If you have an older mouse which uses a trackball, the rubber in the trackball can also be recycled and channeled into industry. This is immensely beneficial to the environment because it reduces the amount of rubber that needs to be produced.

Our company offers you two convenient options for computer mice recycling. You can either arrange for us to come pick up your computer mice for free, or you can come in and drop off your computer mice to a nearby location. We offer you the peace of mind of knowing that your computer mouse will be ethically recycled, rather than shipped off to a third world landfill, and you can even use our tracking system to track your mice as they are processed through our system.