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Our electronics recycling process offers pickups anywhere in Orange County, CA. We offer secure data destruction and a complete suite of IT asset disposition services.

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Enterprise Solutions for Electronics Recycling in Orange County

At All Green Recycling, we handle electronics recycling for some of the largest businesses in the country – many of which operate in Orange County. We have dozens of trucks moving through Orange County daily to service our clients seven days a week. Our specialty is solving e-waste recycling problems for enterprise-level businesses. Some of our clients include Sony, Samsung, Verizon, and even the U.S. government! If the government trusts us with their data destruction and e-waste recycling, then you know we take our jobs seriously.

Check the list of cities in Orange County that we serve. If you don’t find your city, don’t worry. We’ll schedule a pick-up for wherever you are.

E-Waste Recycling in Orange County: Our Commitment to Excellence

All Green’s “reduce, reuse, recycle” philosophy is how we’ve established ourselves as one of the top electronics recycling companies in the OC. Our e-waste recycling process adheres to all EPA regulations and guidelines for handling the hazardous materials found in many electronics.

The primary goal of our IT asset disposition process is to refurbish and remarket your old electronics. This is the single best way to reduce e-waste. Our top-tier refurbishment facilities maximize the resale value of your old company computers, servers, laptops, printers, and cell phones. We use our extensive reseller network to get the best deal for your old IT assets and give you a cut of the revenue.

Electronics Pickups Anywhere in Orange County

We come right to your business to package your old electronics, no matter where you are located throughout Orange County. We place packaging tags on every single item, which allows you to track your assets through GPS on our online portal.

Since some of our clients have extremely sensitive data, we offer on-site data destruction. Our data destruction process complies with all government and industry regulations regarding data security, and you’ll get a certificate of destruction upon completion.

What Happens When My Old IT Assets get to Your Facilities?

First, your IT assets are evaluated to determine their resale value. If there is no resale value, they go through our equipment destruction process. Items that are scrapped are shredded down to pieces smaller than 2 inches in diameter. It is then put through a 95-percent automated separating process that organizes the following materials:

  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Precious metals

These components are then further processed through our network of responsible recyclers.

We Take Data Security and Hard Drive Destruction Seriously

Many businesses only think of data security as protecting their networks against hackers. The reality is data on old business equipment that isn’t properly wiped puts millions at risk every day. It’s why secure data destruction is our top priority.

We’ve worked with government agencies and several companies within the telecommunications industry, so we have plenty of experience dealing with the strictest data security regulations. Our hard drive destruction process wipes all hard drives twice before shredding them completely. It’s 100-percent guaranteed

Let Us Show You Why We’re the Electronics Recycling Company for You

The All Green guarantee is that your e-waste never ends up in landfills and is never exported to developing nations for dumping. What makes us one of the best electronics recycling companies in Orange County is we have experience providing enterprise e-waste solutions to companies all over North America. It has made us experts at creating an efficient answer to any type of IT asset disposition problem.

Below is a list of some of the types of electronics recycling we handle: