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Electronics Recycling in Fullerton

Let All Green’s tested ITAD Solutions help you achieve your business goal in disposing of your old and obsolete IT equipment. We’re now serving the people of Fullerton.


Electronics Recycling

The growing demand for people to recycle and reuse their tech products is a major focus of All Green. You can count on our Electronics Recycling.

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IT Asset Disposition

Disposing of old yet still marketable IT equipment is easy with our proven and tested IT Asset Disposition. You can gain 70% through asset remarketing.

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Data Destruction

Want to protect your business from any possible data leaking? You must call us to schedule a secure and certified Data Destruction process.

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Equipment Destruction

Destroying all obsolete, defective, and even recalled IT items is our expertise. We can help you protect your brand through Equipment Destruction.

Electronics Recycling Fullerton Services By All Green

In 2014, according to an article published by The Balance, 41.8 million tons electronic waste was recorded being generated globally. In the U.S. alone, 11.7 million tons was generated. This country is known as the primary producer of e-scraps in the whole world. If these figures will still rise in the coming years, they can cause this planet to suffer a lot. This is why All Green is trying to answer the call for a responsible recycling of all kinds of e-waste. In this place, we’re are serving the people through our Electronics Recycling Fullerton Services.

Fullerton is a beautiful city located in North Orange County, California. This is where the California State University, Fullerton can be found.

Go to one of our drop-off locations near you, or you can schedule an electronic waste pickup to help keep this city clean and e-waste free.

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IT Asset Disposition

Ventura Electronics Recycle and EWasteRecycling any electronic device is a present demand. There has been an eminent danger triggered by the lack of proper solid waste management programs, among other factors. One way to effectively help the environment achieve sustainability is through All Green’s ITAD Solutions. We’ve been operating as an e-waste recycler for many years now. We have an extensive network of recycling partners, agents, all over the country and even in the entire North america. 

Just start the process by scheduling a pickup today (the link already give above), or by finding an All Green’s drop-off location. We always guarantee that no harmful electronics will reach any landfill here and abroad.

Fullerton Electronics Recycling Locations

Anywhere you are in Fullerton and its nearby cities, we can serve you with all our best. We have the best people who have the right knowledge about proper e-waste disposal, data security and hard drive shredding, IT asset remarketing, and equipment destruction. You can count on us the moment you want to replace your technology used in the office or at home. 

For you to know more details and information about our services, you have to contact us today.