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All Green Electronics Recycling will recycle any electronic device. Schedule a pickup or find a drop-off location, but whatever you do, don't throw your...

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If you possess or manage computer equipment that is resalable, All Green will dismantle, remove, refurbish if necessary, and prepare it for resale. Once an item...

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With every computer All Green Electronics Recycling recovers, data security is offered immediately. Options range from a low-cost data wipes to Department of...

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Protecting data by using certified on-site hard drive destruction is of critical importance to all organizations...

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Batteries must be recycled to comply with laws and for the benefit of our planet. Perform your battery recycling with All Green Electronics Recycling. Recycling batteries must be performed in the correct manner to ensure that their corrosive elements do not negatively affect the planet. At All Green Electronics Recycling we will take charge of your battery recycling, handing everything from the pick-up through to the recycling and disposal of the battery. It’s easy to conform to nationwide laws on battery disposal with All Green Electronics Recycling as your partner.


 Centrally Managed Battery Recycling Process


Not all businesses are the same. So why should recycling be? We believe that the recycling process should not be the same across the board for companies, and therefore work with your business to create an all-inclusive recycling plan that is both environmentally friendly and fiscally beneficial to your company. For example, repurposing or reselling equipment might be an option that can help bring in money for your old equipment. As recycling professionals, we will help to determine the best course of action for taking your old equipment out of use in a way that maintains safety and security of information.

 Our Shredding Of Electronic Data Meets The Highest Of Security Standards


Don’t have the time or manpower to load up and deliver your batteries? We will come to you! We have the most recycling trucks in the USA and can therefore pick up your materials without the high price tag that may be associated with other recycling companies. Our expert employees will come to you at your convenience and will handle all the work associated with preparing and removing your nonoperational or old equipment. Now, thanks to our top of the line online portal, you can monitor the location of your equipment at all times during the removal process. Recycling responsibly couldn’t be any easier!

We Minimize Risk With Secure Disposal Of All Data


We understand that your equipment, though no longer useful to you, may still contain confidential information that must be handled with the highest level of care. Our company is dedicated to providing services with integrity and a promise of trust. Don’t just take our word for it – our many certificates speak for themselves. We will provide open communication with you to ensure that your data is being managed throughout the entire process.

 We Help Maximize Remarketing Value For End Of Life All Electronic Devices


Allow us to work with your company to create a recycling program that will guard your company against risks as well as work to provide a sustainable future for the Earth. Building a better tomorrow means the need to comply with laws of safe recycling. Recycling or disposing of your batteries in a way other than allowed by law could mean large monetary penalties for your company. Don’t put your reputation at risk. Allow us to help your company help the future of the Earth!

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It’s smart to recycle batteries because this helps prevent hazardous waste from leaching into our landfills. The acids and chemicals that come from lead acid batteries are very damaging to the earth and to groundwater. Nickel cadmium batteries leach cadmium into water supplies, and lithium batteries can spontaneously catch fire when the discarded batteries corrode and the lithium is exposed. It’s easy to see that batteries of all kinds are potentially hazardous to the health of the earth and all living creatures if they are not properly disposed of.

Luckily, today there are a number of recycling options for batteries. All Green Electronics Recycling provides a program that sorts used batteries properly and makes sure that they are disposed of in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner. Taking a few extra steps to make arrangements with a good battery recycling service pays off in big dividends in terms of reducing water pollution, soil contamination, fires and other environmental hazards. Recycle BatteriesIn today’s world, many people despair because they feel that they cannot do anything to improve the environment or help save the world. The fact is, every mindful decision that each of us makes to help protect and save the environment really does make a difference. Saving up your old batteries and recycling them through All Green Electronics Recycling is a small step you can take that will make a very big difference.

All batteries can be recycled whether they are wet cell, rechargeable or single use. All of these types of batteries contain heavy metals such as nickel, cadmium, lead and mercury. These metals are very damaging to the environment, and if you throw batteries into the landfill they will be released into the soil, air and groundwater when landfill waste is crushed or incinerated.

At this time, not all states require battery recycling; however, this sort of legislation is sure to pass in the near future as a way of protecting the environment. The use of a comprehensive and professional e-recycling company is recommended.

Contact us today to find out the exact steps you need to take to properly dispose of and recycle your old batteries. We guarantee excellent customer service, ethical e-recycling, and will even provide you with a tracking number so that you can follow the recycling process.