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Recycle Irons, Appliances and any other electronics and protect our environment. Convenient pickup services nationwide for Iron Recycling & Disposal. Certified to R2 Standards for E-Waste Recycling, IT Asset Disposition and on-site hard drive shredding.

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Electronics Recycling

Convenient IT Equipment & E-Waste recycling services anywhere in the world with online reporting and a focus on security & compliance.

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IT Asset Disposition

Retire IT Assets & recover maximum value with our certified refurbishment, redeployment and remarketing services anywhere in the world.

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Data Destruction

Protect against data breeches & ensure full data security compliance with industry-leading certified data wipes, hard drive destruction & On-Site Shredding.

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Equipment Destruction

Protect your brand & ensure your equipment NEVER makes its way back on the market with secure & certified equipment destruction services.

Recycle Your Old Iron at All Green Electronics Recycling

Recover the salvageable materials to be used in new products. Recycling an iron helps protect the Earth. All Green Electronics Recycling is a leading electronics recycling company in the U.S., and as such we have developed one of the most sophisticated recycling programs available today.

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We can pick up  iron from any location, refurbish or recycle it. Our recycling experts will assist you through every step of the process; indeed you don’t need to lift a finger! Get in contact with us today to discuss how we can recycle your old iron, along with any other old electronic equipment that you need to get rid of. Trust All Green Electronics Recycling with your iron recycling and disposal.

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Recycle Irons, Appliances and any other electronics and protect our environment. Convenient pickup services nationwide for Iron Recycling & Disposal. Certified to R2 Standards for E-Waste Recycling, IT Asset Disposition and on-site hard drive shredding.

Centrally Managed Iron Recycling Process


We specialize in creating a comprehensive recycling strategy as opposed to a one-size-fits-all recycling program. We are experts in this field and are uniquely equipped to find the best path to decommissioning your equipment safely, securely, and in the way that is best for the environment. One of our main techniques is re-purposing and remarking which allows efficient reuse. Further, we can extract and recycle the precious metal in your equipment. Our processes will not only be cheaper for you but will be much better for the environment.

All Green Electronics Recycling Makes Recycling Easy And Convenient


We operate the largest fleet of IT recycling trucks in North America. This allows us to pick up for old equipment wherever you are without incurring high costs. By using our state-of-the-art online management portal, you can easily track where all of your equipment currently is. Our experts will handle all packaging, labeling and removal of your outdated equipment so you don’t have to. Please contact us to arrange a time that is convenient for you.

We Minimize Risk With Secure Disposal Of All Data


We hold the highest available certificates in the business. It is increasingly common that equipment holds important data, making it more important than ever that disposal be performed with the utmost care. We are the dedicated equipment recycling company that most businesses trust on a daily basis because of your long record of integrity and assurance. We carefully manage every single asset that goes through our doors through every step. All data is available to you for ultimate transparency.

We Help Maximize Remarketing Value For End Of Life All Electronic Devices


We always go beyond government minimum recycling guidelines and ensure that all the items that come through our door are recycled. This helps to create a sustainable future for our planet by reducing waste. More practically, this means that your company is protected from potential violations of laws on equipment recycling that vary across the country. Violations can easily cripple your business both through damage to your reputation, as well as large fines.

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When your steam iron gives up on you, it can be hard to know what to do. For the most part, irons are more expensive to repair than they are to replace, but it’s a shame to simply toss them into the trash. You know that they’ll be sitting in the landfill throughout the ages if you do. Is it possible to recycle an iron? The answer to this is categorically yes! Recycling-Iron Image

Generally speaking, metal recycling centers are a good idea; however, they are usually on the outskirts of town and may take quite a bit of driving to get there. Secondhand appliance stores may also have a use for your broken iron, but again locating one may prove quite challenging and you may end up spending more money driving your broken iron to its new destination than it’s worth. That’s why we are here to help with the recycling of your iron.

All Green Electronics Recycling will Recycle your Iron

One solution you may not have thought of is an e-recycling company like All Green Electronics Recycling. We specialize in recycling electronic equipment of all kinds, including irons! Our company is dedicated to improving the environment by providing ethical e-recycling. We provide approved nationwide pickup points, and we will even come to your home to pick up your recyclable electronics. When we do, we’ll give you a tracking number so that you can follow your item through the process to see where it is.

All Green Electronic Recycling Services Are Offered In:

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and on doing a thorough job of recycling every usable part of every item we take in. Electronic items that can be repaired are repaired and re-purposed. Those that have salvageable parts are disassembled and the parts reused. Components of electronic items that can be recycled, such as precious metals, are harvested and recycled. You can rest assured that your old iron will be put to good use, and we may even be able to pay you for the materials depending upon the parts that can be recycled or reused. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you dispose of your old iron and any other electronic waste you may have in a smart and responsible manner.