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We may not know it but the E-wastes that we produce do have toxic contents. If we allow these to reach the landfills, these can cause harm to our health and contribute to further environmental degradation. Always opt for an eco-friend habit which is the recycling of your E-wastes.

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Sacramento Computer

Electronic equipment and gadgets like computers undergo evaluation to identify their valuable components prior to recycling. We do not rush things because of the need to first determine the most practical and environment-friendly means of disposal. We disassemble electronics meticulously in order to extract items that can still be refurnished for resale.


Sacramento Data

Data destruction can be done on-site or off-site. Whichever is your preference, you can be assured of a secure and reliable destruction process. Tap the services of an industry leader and you will never go wrong.


Sacramento Hard Drive

We make it a point to always remove the hard drive of computers that are brought to us for recycling. Being a trusted service provider by the US government and the military, we guarantee 100 percent data destruction. We do digital wiping of the hard drives before we finally shred these.


Sacramento IT Asset

Everything that we do is very transparent.  We follow a secure chain of custody in the disposal of still useful components of your IT assets. We also operate a client portal to allow Sacramento City residents to monitor their IT assets and later on get a disposal report.

Electronics Recycling in Sacramento, CA

According to a 2012 EPA report, at least 3.4 million tons of electronics wastes, mostly computers and hard copy devices, were generated in the US. But only 29.2 percent to these were recycled. The rest have nowhere else to go but the landfills and incinerators. When computers become obsolete, these leave behind hazardous wastes that include lead, cadmium and mercury. But with Sacramento Electronics Recycling around, we will help you change your habit of sending your e-wastes into the dumps. There is always a better and safer way of handling its disposal to especially prevent soil, water and air contamination that may result from the indiscriminate disposal of its toxic contents. We do not want your children to be running around on a contaminated pubic place or swim on a hazardous chemical-filled water.


Sacramento, California

Home of the Sacramento Kings, the city is also a hotbed for high school rugby. Jesuit High is now the national champion while their rival school, the Christian Brothers, ranks second nationwide. The city also takes pride of its Olympians that include swimmers Mark Spitz and Debbie Meyer who won at least six gold medals for swimming.

Because of the availability of recreational facilities, the city has played host to several sporting events like the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail that runs between the Old Sacramento to the Folsom Lake. The city also attracts cyclists and equestrians coming from across the state. Sacramento boost of its extensive park system that accommodates parkland and recreational centers in an area of over 5,000 acres. Smaller parks like the Crocker Park and the Pioneer Landing can also be found in the city’s downtown district. Another option is the 275-acre Discovery Park that is located along the American River that flows into the Sacramento River.

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AGR’s Sacramento Electronics Recycling Is World-Class

Give your children the freedom to enjoy the city’s parks and water without any fear of contamination. Always remember that e-wastes should go to an expert recycling company like the Sacramento Electronics Recycling and not into the landfills. Electronic items are highly toxic and require extra care during its disposal. All Green Electronics Recycling has the facility and the expertise for proper e-waste disposal through recycling and reuse.

It is both beneficial to gadget owners and the environment if we re-purpose and re-market your old electronics equipment. We take away the need for you to think and plan what to do with your electronic wastes. If you call us, we will get the job done. We cannot risk the safety of your children. Handle your e-trash and take care of your children’s health in the process. A healthy environment is a good place for children to run around and play rugby on.

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