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Electronics Recycling in Texas

Make electronic waste recycling a part of your habit with All Green Recycling. Just call to schedule for an e-waste pickup anywhere in Texas.


Electronics Recycling

Having earned the highest levels of certification in the recycling industry—particularly in matters of electronic wastes, the facilities are guaranteed of high quality.

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IT Asset Disposition

Our team of technical experts take pride in making old electronic devices new again. The refurbishing service is sure to bring in financial returns from end-of-life IT assets. 

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Data Destruction

We want to protect your name, your credibility and your company’s confidential information. Delete files digitally before sending e-wastes to recycling centers.

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Equipment Destruction

Invest in security when it comes to having equipment disposed. We have off-site and on-site shredding services - the latter through our high-technology mobile shredder.

Electronics Recycling Texas Drop-off Locations By All Green

Texas is the second largest state in the US. And as such, it is expected that it also has a large quantity of electronic wastes. After all, almost all people in America are in touch with at least one electronic device. It is estimated that the state has about 28 million people in 2017. It was a 12.6% increase from the previous population of 25 million. All Green Recycling is the best partner to keep Texas a green state. In this state our Electronics Recycling Texas Services are needed to help the people here manage and handle their electronic waste products.

Being a widely populated state, All Green Recycling has put up a number of drop-off centers in the area to make recycling accessible to people. Residents may also call to have their e-wastes picked up at a certain time and place. There certainly is no reason why Texans should not recycle their electronic wastes.

For Businesses in Texas

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All Green Recycling is just too happy to be able to help the state of Texas with all its recycling and electronics disposal needs. For businesses who wish to have convenient and secure service, please call (800) 780-0347 and ask for the Corporate and Government Account Division to get a more detailed take about our company and what we do.


Texas Electronics Recycling Locations

Our future goal is to put in place an individual residential drop-off program in Texas. But for now, we offer pick-up service where you just call us and we discuss where we can get your electronic wastes off your hands. We do the pickup in our state-of-the-art mobile facility seven days a week.

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Electronics Manufacturers • Resellers

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There is a common problem when dealing with returned or obsolete electronics. When there are product recalls, no matter how wasteful it may seem, these equipment need to be destroyed. The main issue here is that items not destroyed may end up back in the market. And the fact that these were recalled mean there is something wrong with the devices. And if these end up in the hands of new customers, your brand and credibility will be put in the spotlight. So such incident should be prevented. And in case of obsolete items, the issue is mostly on the security of the information stored in the chips of your obsolete electronic equipment.

Off-Lease Equipment Take-back

All Green Recycling will collect your clients’ off-lease IT equipment from anywhere in the US without additional charge. We will go to their facility to ensure proper procedures will be undertaken and for your clients’ peace of mind.

Our Goals and Process

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We wish to live in a safe environment and part of that is lobbying for environment-friendly programs. Our job is to collect your e-wastes and recycle them. We will treat all your recyclable items and will try to make a new stream of refurbished products for reselling purpose.

If you want to know more details about our services please feel free to contact us today. All Green offers Electronics Recycling Texas Services for your peace of mind and convenience.