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All Green Electronics Recycling is very pleased to help organizations inside of the Philadelphia area to get the maximum amount out of their IT Equipment with Certified IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), Secure Data Destruction and Electronics Recycling. As an effective way to give back to the community, All Green even serves many of the residents of Philadelphia with their recycled electronics. Philadelphia is located in Eastern Pennsylvania and houses the Area Headquarters for All Green Electronics Recycling. This office is the head office for All Green’s operations in Ohio, New York, New Jersey and West Virginia. Keep Philadelphia clean and free of e-waste by recycling your electronics with All Green.

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Electronics waste or Ewaste is the word for abandoned electrical or electronic products. Old electronic devices which are meant for reuse, reselling, repair, recycling or disposal are also considered as E-Waste. Typical processing of electronic waste in third-world countries may cause considerable health and pollution challenges, since these countries around the world have limited regulations or oversight of Ewaste handling. An estimated 60 million tons of Ewaste are created per year. The US discards 50 million pcs each year and 80 million telephones are dumped in European countries on an annual basis. You will find a substantial amount of Philadelphia Ewaste created at the same time. The EPA estimates that just 15-20% of Ewaste is recycled, most of these electronic products go directly into landfills and incinerators. All Green Electronics Recycling is the leader in handling E-Waste in a nontoxic, trustworthy process. Electronics we recycle are fully guaranteed to never wind up in a landfill in a foreign country. For scheduling your Philadelphia Ewaste pickup, make sure you fill out the request form on this site.

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When security and data destruction are not handled with the attention they deserve, it can lead to many millions of dollars in damages and a totally damaged reputation. Regardless of whether your trade is subject to rigorous privacy laws and regulatory requirements, your firm can not afford to risk sensitive information and facts slipping into the wrong hands. Philadelphia is host to a lot of data centers as well as corporate hq for substantial global organizations so we provide on-site hard drive shredding services in addition to our traditional data destruction services in Philadelphia, PA. With the most advanced hard drive shredding trucks in the industry, All Green offers services that are completely unequaled!

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Why we love ITAD in Philadelphia

As the largest city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is the fifth-most populated city in the United States. With a population of 1.5 million residents, Philadelphia became a major center of manufacturing and the railway industry during the 19th century. As an important city during the Revolutionary War era, Philadelphia is home to numerous historical sites, including the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, the building where the Declaration of Independence was signed. The city is home to Fairmount Park, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and numerous colleges and universities, including Temple University, the Curtis Institute of Music, and the University of Pennsylvania.

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Philadelphia IT Recycling Process

All Green’s 7-Step Data Destruction, IT Asset Disposition and Electronics Recycling process in Philadelphia and the neighboring areas.

1. You have used IT Equipment – If it plugs in to the wall or uses batteries, we can handle it!
2. Click or call to arrange for IT Recycling – Our Philadelphia customer service team is ready to help 6 days per week.
3. We Pickup from your office – Convenient pickups using the number one fleet in the industry
4. We Tag Items for Security & Tracking. Security and tracking are always assured with All Green.
5. We securely transport everything – Your electronic equipment is securely transferred & monitored at every step.
6. We eradicate all computer data – Data destruction options from wiping to crushing and shredding.
7. Eco-Friendly Recycling – Certified to the maximum standards with R2 and ISO14001.

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Philadelphia and Global IT Equipment Remarketing

All Green is a Registered Microsoft Refurbisher with specialised systems developed to increase returns to our customers. Our repair and resale techniques are designed to get you the highest possible value for all of your retired IT assets. Repurposing and resale of IT Equipment has never been easier with our streamlined processes. Anywhere in Philadelphia, you can turn your IT Asset Disposal program into a money stream by making it possible for All Green in Philadelphia to pickup, track, thoroughly clean and repurpose your out of date IT Assets. The resale of computers, laptops, servers, hard drives, monitors, mobile phones and tablets is exactly what we do best! Let us do what we do best while you focus on what you do best and get the highest return on your IT Equipment. Leading enterprises and even universities such as Pennsylvania State University, University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, Temple University and Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia rely on repurposing IT Equipment in order to purchase new electronic equipment as often as possible.

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Mobile Hard Drive Shredding in the Philadelphia, PA Area

All Green’s mobile hard drive shredding trucks are routed in the Philadelphia area to provide coverage for the considerable number of corporate headquarters and firms based in City of Brotherly Love. The landscape in Philadelphia and surrounding regions including Gloucester, Bucks, Burlington, Camden, Montgomery and Delaware enables us to use hard drive shredding trucks that can visit your business location and shred your hard drives while you sit back and watch. Federal agencies like US Agricultural Marketing Service, US Fruit & Vegetable Div and Phila Veterans Multi-Svc depend upon secure destruction of their data and you should as well. If you don’t need witnessed hard drive shredding in Rebel Capital, we also offer pickup hard drive destruction and wiping solutions in addition to pack and ship data destruction services. The state of Pennsylvania has stringent destruction and disposal rules so we ensure the most effective handling and security for all of your electronic equipment.