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Sacramento Data Destruction

Secure data destruction is a meticulous process but this can be done either on-site or off-site to suit the needs of Sacramento City residents and businesses. Our off-site services include a multiple destruction method to choose from. Take your pick from digital wiping, degaussing, physical hard drive crushing and shredding.

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Sacramento Electronics

regulations in the handling of E-wastes.  We are guided by the principle that recycling of old and outdated electronic equipment is always the right thing to do.


Sacramento Computer

Recycle obsolete computer units in Sacramento City using our very convenient and trusted recycling services As an industry leader, we always raise the bar of excellence in our “reduce, reuse and recycle” policies. We adhere to all EPA. We do home and office pickups to ensure its safe transport to our facility. Proper handling is always the key to the proper disposal of computers and other E-wastes.


Sacramento Hard Drive

Secure hard drive destruction has several options to chose from. This can be done through digital wiping, degaussing, crushing and shredding. Whichever you chose is enough to give you the assurance that your data will not be touched by anyone else.


Sacramento IT Asset

IT asset disposal is the ideal thing to do because this will allow cost recovery that businesses can use in the purchase of newer models. But disposition is not done outright. We carefuly evaluate the condition and usefulness of IT assets before we decide on its refurbishment and resale.

Data Destruction in Sacramento, CA

Educational institutions keep a lot of data on their students and operational records and even their course offerings.  Businesses also have a handful of data on their clients and business information and their trade secrets. All of these data are stored on our office’s hard drives and other media storage devices. Through the years, these storage devices start to accumulate and fill our school’s or office’s records section. When it’s already time to dispose some of our data, Sacramento Data Destruction is the best service provider available to do the job in the city.

Sacramento, California

The city is host to a variety of educational institutions. It has public, private but not for profit, private and for profit, K-12, independent and religious schools. Its public colleges include the Sacramento State College founded in 1947.  The 300 acres campus stands along the American River Parkway and is home to at least 22,555 undergraduates and 5,417 graduate students. The University of the Pacific also operates its Sacramento Campus in the Oak Park.

The campus houses the McGeorge School of Law that has been ranked as among the top 100 law schools in the country in 2006, 2007 and 2008 by the U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings.  The campus was expanded in 2015 to become a comprehensive graduate and professional campus offering analytics, business, education, health, sciences and public policy.

At least five newspaper outlets and four magazines also do business in the city together with 13 television stations. Two of its biggest newspapers are the Sacramento Union established in 1851 and the Sacramento Bee established in 1857.

Data Destruction Services Offered In:

The Best Sacramento Data Destruction Service

Secure data destruction service is very important to educational institutions and businesses.  Never ever develop the habit of simply disposing your old hard drives into the garbage bins or breaking these into pieces on your own. Breaking the hard drive will not erase its data content that can still be retrieved by some unscrupulous IT experts. Sacramento Data Destruction knows best how to do permanent destruction that will not leave any trace of its data content.  Careless destruction is risky and can lead to millions in business losses. Imagine your trade secrets being leaked to your competitors? Not a good idea, right? Never take the risk. All Green Electronics Recycling offers on-site and off-site destruction services. You take your pick and we will deliver the kind of service that you need.

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