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Houston Data Destruction

We are highly recognized in Houston because of the kind of Data Destruction Service we provide. With our innovations, we are sure that our service can reach to those people who need the best one in providing proper data destruction services.

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Houston Electronics Recycling

Houston Electronics

We can handily recycle e-waste in Houston with our offered electronics recycling system. In this industry, we are the leading company to give excellent and committed service. 

Houston Computer

We now offer a computer recycling system in Houston that is friendly to our environment. We are not only providing a trusted recycling service but also we are advocating for a healthy environment.

Houston Hard Drive

When looking for a Hard Drives Shredding service provider, you have to be careful. All Green Electronics Recycling is the best in Houston. We have professional workers in the company who can assist you in shredding sensitive information in your hard drives. So choose us now! 

Houston IT Asset Disposition

Houston IT Asset

The very first thing we want to do with your old IT equipment is to dispose them. But putting them to landfills can cause unwanted effects to human and environmental health. We don't want this to happen. That is why All Green Electronics Recycling is here to properly handle your old equipment subject for final disposal.  

Data Destruction in Houston, TX

The laws on the proper disposal of computers of electronic wastes are limited to one point: no dumping on landfills. Companies will have to rely on reputable companies to make sure that not only are their e-wastes disposed of properly, but that Houston Data Destruction, for companies in the Texas area, are also done. This is important to keep data sacred. With unscrupulous people around, sensitive information may reach the wrong hands.


We have the capability to handle data destruction with its state-of-the-art facility that picks up your wastes at a pickup point of your choosing. Just call to schedule a pickup, or go online to send a request. It will even do hard-drive shredding on-site just to ensure clients that data need not reach the recycling facility, hence, preserving its sacredness.

Houston, Texas

With a population of 2.2 million, Houston is the most populous city in Texas, and the fourth most populous in the country. It is also considered the most diverse city in the country. Part of the reason for this is the strong immigration activity in Houston—both legal and illegal. Over half the population is white. But the other half is a potpourri of nations—African-Americans, Hispanics, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indians, Filipinos, Korean and Japanese. Over 90 languages are spoken in the city.

Americans and foreigners flock to Houston because of its vibrant employment opportunities. The economy is largely propelled by the city’s energy industry. The city was named the top market for exports, beating out New York, which previously held the title.

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Houston Data Destruction: We’re the BEST in this Industry

We have received an R2 certification, which means it adheres to “responsible recycling” practices. The certification is handed out by the Sustainable Electronics Recycling International, which states: “Recognizing the need for comprehensive best practices that addressed the operational and environmental challenges in electronics recycling and repair, the Environmental Protection Agency convened a multi-stakeholder process to create a voluntary, market-based mechanism for ensuring best practices in electronics recycling.

Houston Data Destruction is not only efficient, it is also environment-friendly.

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