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Recycle Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets or any IT Equipment with secure electronics destruction service. 

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All Green Electronics Recycling will handle your laptop recycling in a safe and sustainable way. Consider the...

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All Green Electronics Recycling will handle your laptop recycling in a safe and sustainable way. Consider the fact the many city municipalities have already banned the disposal of electronic devices in trash bins. The reason for this is that e-waste can be highly toxic to the environment. At All Green Electronics Recycling, we assure you that we will dispose of your laptops in an environmentally-safe way. Recycling your laptop responsibly is our goal, and you have our assurance that your collected e-waste will not reach landfills in or outside of the U.S.



Centrally Managed Laptop Recycling Process


We have developed a system that is specific to each recycling need instead of dumping everything into the same category. Together, we will develop a process that is good for the environment and is less expensive for you. We can take your equipment and both re-purpose and remarket it. We are able to recycle precious metals from laptops. This is our specialty, and we can help you make the best choice for recycling your equipment in the most efficient way possible.

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We are able to come to you to pick up your old laptops without increasing our overhead because we run the biggest fleet of recycling vehicles in the United States. We handle all of the processes required to help you dispose of your outdated laptop equipment. Equipment tracking is available 24/7 through our management website. Taking care of your equipment recycling needs is a seamless process when you choose us.

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A laptop frequently has important information still on it. Recycling your equipment requires careful attention and preparation. We have a system of quality performance second to none. Organizations can trust that we will protect your sensitive data. We are R2 Responsible Recycling and ISO 14001. Your property is processed with the highest level of quality and professionalism through the entire process, and your laptop’s progress is always available for your viewing.

We help Maximize Remarketing Value for end of life all electronic devices


Rules and regulations for recycling equipment can cause you to have to pay large penalties and fees if you do not follow the appropriate process. It can hurt your company and damage the way you are viewed by the community and other corporations. We exceed the strictest of government laws and guarantee that each item of yours that we recycle will be done so in the most ethical manner. We also guarantee that we are dedicated to protecting the environment with our processes.

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Finding a location for laptop disposal isn’t always easy, especially if you are not in or near a major city. However, throwing electronic items, including laptops, into the trash only causes pollution and other environmental problems. Recycling your laptop is a smart decision that makes a serious impact on our earth.

laptop-recycling imageEach year more than 50 million tons of electronic items make their way into landfills where they emit toxic fumes into the air, and take up a great deal of space. The components used to make a computer may contain lead, arsenic, mercury and any number of other toxic chemicals that seep into the air that we are all breathing. The dangers of inhalation of these chemicals is potentially deadly, and certainly nothing short of dangerous.


There are an astounding number of benefits that come along with the recycling of your laptop. Did you know that after one million laptops are recycled equals enough saved energy to accommodate more than 3,500 homes each year? That’s just the first of things that you can enjoy when recycling your laptop. The fact that you will keep all of these dangerous chemicals out of the air and out of the soil is also a benefit that each and every person in this world can appreciate. Those dangerous chemicals certainly cause a great deal of pollution that can cause health problems small and large. Why suffer when you can avoid such problems? The benefits of recycling a laptop are numerous, and you will certainly be proud of yourself for taking such a great step.


We are here to help you recycle your laptop. At All Green, we have two recycling options available, and you’re free to select the option that is most suitable to your needs. Choose from laptop recycling or refurbishing, and we’ll arrange for pick-up or drop-off of your old machine. It is just that simple to recycle a laptop. You should know that we are an ethical recycling company, and you can always count on us to go above and beyond to meet your expectations no matter which option you prefer. Our goal is to keep our environment as safe as possible while making your life easy. Are you ready to do your part to make the world a better place? Whether you help someone else attain a laptop or keep it out of the landfills, you are making a major impact in the world. We are here to help make that possible.