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A key target for the reduction of precious metals on landfills locally and abroad, telephones (both landlines and mobile phones) tend to go obsolete quickly and get thrown out in the trash.

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A key target for the reduction of precious metals on landfills locally and abroad, telephones (both landlines and mobile phones) tend to go obsolete quickly and get thrown out in the trash. For the responsible stewardship of our planet, All Green Electronics Recycling is your partner when it comes to disposing of your old telephones in an environmentally-friendly manner. Allow us to recycle and re-use those rare metals and materials, and do your part for the preservation of our planet.


All Green is R2 Certified ** as a responsible recycler by a third party certification body. All Green has the highest standards with policies for managing used and end-of-life electronics equipment, components and materials based on strategies such as reuse, materials and energy recovery and/or disposal. All Green is also audited regularly to ensure the highest possible standards for data destruction, security and a commitment to responsible e-waste recycling.
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Our equipment recycling experts have in-depth exposure to the various paths available to us for recycling outdated telephones. We can remarket, repurpose or recycle items based on the type and condition of the equipment. We are aware of the fact that a particular strategy might not be suitable for the handling of all telephones. We look at all possible paths and choose an option that will help in decommissioning your equipment in a manner that make the best use of the item and protects our environment.


 All Green Electronics Recycling Makes Recycling Easy and Convenient


We operate a large fleet of IT recycling trucks that can be at your doorstep in a short period of time. Our experienced recycling team members can take care of all the steps involved, including packaging and labeling of all of your items, and then they will properly remove the outdated equipment from your premises. Our website can be used to keep track of your item as it moves through the various stages involved in phone equipment disposal.


We minimize risk with secure disposal of all data


We are one of the very few equipment recycling service providers who provide recycling in accordance with industry-accepted standards. In accordance with these standards, our staff carries out the disposal process in a secure manner, ensuring any client data is destroyed. Over the years we have earned the trust of our clients by ensuring that their assets are disposed of in a secure environment and by making the entire disposal process transparent.


We help Maximize Remarketing Value for end of life all electronic devices


We are well aware of the consequences that you might face if any one of your assets is disposed of in an unethical manner. We perform equipment disposal in a manner that you are safe from any potential fine or liability, and our disposal processes ensure that all of your telephones are recycled in an ethical manner. Our staff has been trained to provide disposal services that go far beyond the state-mandated guidelines. You can leave it all us to us.

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in 2009 more than 129 million mobile devices were disposed of compared to 11.7 million that were recycled. This is a staggering amount of phones that were thrown away without being recycled. The importance of recycling both mobile and landline phones cannot be understated.

The Benefits of Recycling Telephones

Recycle Old TelephonesThere are many reasons for recycling telephones.

• It reduces the amount of waste in landfills.
• Rare materials can be recovered from the phone.
• Gaining materials from recycled phones reduces the environmental impacts and energy demands that come from mining, manufacturing and transportation. It takes a lot of energy to produce and process the precious metals and engineered plastics used in phones. Every 42 cell phones recycled saves enough energy to power an average house for one year.
• Recycling phones reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. For example, every 1 million cell phones recycled reduces greenhouse gas emissions equal to removing more than 30 cars from the road for a year.
• According to the EPA, 50% to 80% of recycled electronics are sent to developing countries, creating toxic wastelands that often employ child labor in poor environmental controls.

All of these reasons show how recycling telephones is beneficial to society and to the environment.

What Type of Materials Can Be Recycled From Telephones?

Most of the materials used to make phones can be recovered to make new products. This includes metals, plastics, and rechargeable batteries. The metals are the most important and they include gold, silver, copper, platinum, tin, zinc and palladium. These metals can be reused for jewelry, cars, art and other electronics (such as new cell phones). The plastics recovered from phones have many applications and can be used with packaging, construction, automotive parts and of course other electronics. Rechargeable batteries can be directly recycled into other rechargeable battery products.

Which Telephone Materials Harm the Environment?

Mobile and landline phones contain metals (lead, cadmium, nickel, and lithium) and hazardous materials (mercury, arsenic, chemical flame retardants and lead) that have very negative effects on the environment. When these materials are placed in a landfill they deteriorate and release toxins that contaminate the soil, water and air (if burned). It is absolutely essential to keep these metals and hazardous materials out of landfills.

What Can I Do to Protect the Environment?

Customers can take action to protect the environment through recycling their mobile and landline phones. We offer two easy ways to recycle telephones: pick up or drop off. Just call us and we can pick up your telephone for free or drop it off at one of the nationwide pick-up locations. In addition to this, customers can track their telephones through the All Green website during the recycling process. Rest assured that customer privacy is our priority and we use state-of-the-art equipment to wipe all telephone data. We first try to repair or re-use the phone parts, but recycle them for their precious metals and materials if this is not possible.

We are committed to protecting the environment, and with your help can make our world a better place to live.