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MP3 players are recyclable! At All Green Electronics Recycling we will recycle your MP3 player, helping you to create a sustainable planet for future generations. With phones that play MP3s in just about everyone’s pocket your old MP3 player is probably just sitting in a drawer somewhere gathering dust. Instead, get in touch with All Green Electronics Recycling and we’ll refurbish, remarket or recycle your MP3 player completely. It’s significantly better for the environment to recycle an MP3 player than it is to throw it out in the trash. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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The recycling process for equipment disposal is a topic that is very important to a company’s revenue, but also very important to the health of our environment. A one-size-fits-all strategy will be used by some companies but is a good way to create new problems. This method often has a negative impact on the environment and does not prove to be the best method. The two main goals for the recycling process are to recover precious metals or to resell outdated equipment. As experts in the field, we can show you the best strategy to recycle your company’s outdated equipment and open the best revenue streams possible.

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The biggest challenge for recycling and decommissioning outdated equipment is storing and processing the material. Our company has the largest fleet of IT trucks in North America and we will come right to your business at any time you have in your schedule. We will handle everything at pickup; we will package, label, and organize as we remove your outdated equipment. After pickup, the customer can track their equipment online on our convenient website. This is the convenience of using our company for your recycling needs.

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Our company is known for integrity and assurance so the handling of sensitive data is something we take very seriously. Many businesses trust us daily with this task and we have the best reputation for this. We actually hold the highest certificates in the business. We take our client’s privacy very seriously as we carefully manage each account we have, keeping all information visible only to our clients.

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Laws in our country for disposal of company equipment are very strict with large fines that can hurt your businesses profit as well as its reputation. We have always been known to stay strict to the letter of the law when it comes to our services, and we can guarantee that 100 percent of the items that we handle will be recycled correctly. This is assurance that your company is protected from any risk, as well as contributing to a sustainable future for our environment.

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The lifespan of a particular model of MP3 player has certainly shrunk in the last few years, with newer versions and models getting released every 18 months. This has given rise to a situation where an increasing number of outdated MP3 players are getting dumped in landfills alongside other organic waste. Though smaller in size, MP3 players have the same kind of toxic ingredients as larger electronic devices. Toxins such as mercury, cadmium and lead are also present in MP3 players, though in lesser quantity when compared to laptops and notepads.

Recycling Mp3 Player ImageMP3 player recycling service providers like All Green Electronics Recycling play a vital role in ensuring that non-functional MP3 players are sent through a process wherein precious metals such as aluminum and steel are salvaged in an environmentally-friendly manner. We are one of the most renowned MP3 recycling service providers in the U.S. We have successfully recycled millions of MP3 players by putting them through a recycling process wherein metal, glass, and plastic is salvaged and sent back to the manufacturing line.

Before placing MP3 players in the recycling furnace, these electronic devices are checked for reparability. If the MP3 player is found to still be in a working condition after performing some minor repairs, we ensure that all data is wiped clean and re-market the MP3 player once it has been completely refurbished. When MP3 players are totally unusable, we send the non-functioning MP3 player to the recycling furnace for material salvaging operations.

We are an ethical recycling company and strictly follow globally-accepted recycling quality and ethical standards. There are recycling companies that sends non-functional MP3 players to third world country landfills in the name of recycling. Such companies do not have a recycling facility and still take up MP3 players for recycling. This is an unethical practice.

Our company strictly follows the globally-accepted recycling standards and refrains from sending MP3 players to third world countries for recycling. We have obtained ISO 14001 certification, which is the globally-accepted environment management standard for performing recycling. As per the ISO standards we maintain a complete processing log containing details regarding the processes carried out. The log also contains details regarding the quantity of reclaimed metal and glass, and to whom the reclaimed material has been sent.