Flash Drive Recycling

Flash Drive - All Green Electronics Recycling
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How many of you know how important it is to wipe the data off of a computer hard drive? Now how many of you have thought about data destruction on a flash drive?

That’s right, that tiny memory stick attached to your keychain is e-waste too. And like a hard drive, it can contain important data that needs to be properly wiped or destroyed.

All Green Electronics Recycling was recently featured in about flash drive recycling by Cherri Megasko in the Yahoo! Contributor Network. The article covers flash drive recycling and data destruction.

“Many people feel that deleting or formatting the data from a flash drive wipes the device clear of their data. This is not true. The only way to truly clear the data is to write over the data completely and then erase that information. In fact, that should be done several times in order to guarantee complete data destruction,” said All Green CEO Arman Sadeghi in the article.

Have you ever recycled a flash drive?

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