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Recycling an old video game console at All Green Electronics Recycling means the useful materials in the console can be re-used, and potentially harmful materials removed. Video game consoles go out of fashion so fast!

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Recycling an old video game console at All Green Electronics Recycling means the useful materials in the console can be re-used, and potentially harmful materials removed. Video game consoles go out of fashion so fast! But many of the parts inside them are still useable and at All Green Electronics Recycling, we will take your old video game consoles and remarket them. If the console is unsalvageable we’ll recycle 100% of the parts, meaning that you’ll be doing your part in saving our planet from destruction. Discover some of the ways that All Green Electronics Recycling should be your preferred video game console, recycling partner.

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All Green is R2 Certified ** as a responsible recycler by a third-party certification body. All Green has the highest standards with policies for managing used and end-of-life electronics equipment, components, and materials based on strategies such as reuse, materials, and energy recovery and/or disposal. All Green is also audited regularly to ensure the highest possible standards for data destruction, security, and a commitment to responsible e-waste recycling.

Electronics Recycling Services


At All Green Electronics Recycling we work hard to ensure the recycling that we perform is the very best option for your equipment. In the case of video game consoles we can try to repair them or refurbish them. If this is not possible we will try to take parts and re-use them. Whatever happens, we will attempt to recycling 100% of the materials that come through our doors. We want to make the process easy and profitable for you.


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We’ve made it easy to recycle your video games consoles through All Green Electronics Recycling. We have a large network of drop-off locations where you can simply drop off your video games console and pick up a tracking number. We’ll even go as far as arrange for your video games consoles to be picked up from your location – something we can do because we operate the largest IT recycling fleet in the country. If you require specialist assistance just get in touch; we love to help people start on the road to responsible recycling.


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Video game consoles, just like every other IT equipment that could potentially contain personal information that we deal with, has all data destroyed from it when it comes to All Green Electronics Recycling. Rather than take any risks with your old data, rest assured that All Green Electronics Recycling uses industry-leading data destruction techniques to ensure that every piece of data is wiped and unrecoverable before we look to refurbish and repair parts for use again.


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There’s certainly been a push by the government to have companies conform to recycling laws and indeed in countries across the globe consumers are more and more likely to find themselves being fined if they dispose of certain items irresponsibly. Rather than take any risks, recycle your old equipment through All Green Electronics Recycling. It’s your way of cutting down on the damage that you cause to the Earth, a potential source of income, and easy to boot. Get in touch with All Green Electronics Recycling today to discuss the recycling of your old video games consoles.

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Owners of video gaming consoles that have become non-functional due to aging parts usually get rid of these consoles and opt for a newer model. An environmentally-conscious console owner will take the right video game console recycling approach when disposing of them. Console owners who are not aware of the dangers posed by dumping their gaming consoles in the trash should pay close attention.

Reasons for Safe Recycling of Video Gaming Console Parts

Video Game Console Recycling ImageVideo game consoles usually consist of standard components like circuit boards, batteries, plastic casing and game discs. Circuit boards contain zinc, nickel and lead, which cause irreparable damage to human health and the environment when disposed of incorrectly. Batteries contain copper and cobalt, which are equally harmful. Plastic casing uses an immense amount of energy to create. Game discs are also made up of plastic parts and aluminum.

One can see the potentially polluting nature of the elements and chemicals that are involved in the building of the individual components of gaming consoles.

Video Game Console Recycling

All Green Electronics Recycling is a responsible video game console recycling company doing our bit to make the country environmentally-friendly. We follow ethical standards when performing gaming console recycling and ensure that consoles do not land up on landfills in third world countries.

As one of the most responsible recycling service providers in the U.S., we ensure that all the major components of video game consoles are treated appropriately. Before starting the recycling process, we check whether the gaming console can still be used or re-used in some capacity. We ensure that the circuit boards are sold to companies that trade cash for components like circuit boards and batteries. We then pass on the payment received for the sale to you. When it comes to plastic cases and other plastic components, we ensure that they are recycled and reused in an ethical manner.

At All Green Electronics Recycling we appreciate that you want to get your video game console recycled in the most efficient and ethical way possible. We ensure that all our employees are well aware of internationally recognized recycling standards by providing constant and continuous training. We can come to your residence and pick up the old video gaming console, or you can drop it off at one of our nationwide locations.