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R2 Certified ** Video cameras recycling at All Green Electronics Recycling ensures that the recycled video camera is re-used or re-purposed in the most efficient way possible.

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Video cameras recycling at All Green Electronics Recycling ensures that the recycled video camera is re-used or re-purposed in the most efficient way possible. One of the most common items that we recycle is the video camera. As such, we have become exceedingly good at performing the recycling and decommissioning of video cameras. We handle the entire process from pickup to recycling the video camera. If we are able to repair or refurbish the video camera, we will. You can follow this process on your website using a tracking number. Get in contact with All Green Electronics Recycling to discuss how we can handle all of your recycling needs.


All Green is R2 Certified ** as a responsible recycler by a third party certification body. All Green has the highest standards with policies for managing used and end-of-life electronics equipment, components and materials based on strategies such as reuse, materials and energy recovery and/or disposal. All Green is also audited regularly to ensure the highest possible standards for data destruction, security and a commitment to responsible e-waste recycling.



At All Green Electronics Recycling, we are experts in the field. We have lots of experience in determining just the right course of action to take with each item we take in. We consider the economy, safety and security of your company with each decision that we make. We believe in thinking outside the box and coming up with creative innovations wherever necessary. We will work with you to create a comprehensive ITAD strategy that benefits the environment, is economical for you and has the potential of opening up new streams of income for you through the recycling and re-purposing of your outdated equipment. In short, we believe in creating an equipment recycling process that is optimized to suit our customers’ needs.

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When you send your outdated equipment through us for recycling and re-purposing, we will provide you with a tracking number so that you can follow its progress through the process. Our recycling experts will come to you in one of our specially equipped IT recycling trucks. These pros will take care of everything in terms of packaging and labeling your old equipment. We’re able to perform these services economically and affordably because we are proud to own the very largest fleet of specially equipped IT recycling trucks in North America. This allows us to focus on excellent customer service that makes the process convenient and easy for you.

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e manage every item that we take in with extreme care in terms of transparency of information to you and protection of any sensitive data that may still be contained in your outdated equipment. We have a history of trustworthiness, integrity and responsibility. 

We help Maximize Remarketing Value for end of life all electronic devices


You can trust us to handle the repair, re-purposing and/or recycling of your old electronic equipment with the greatest of care. We believe in taking responsible steps to ensure a safer and cleaner future for the planet. For this reason, we stay on top of all government regulations regarding the recycling of electronics equipment. We repair, reuse, re-purpose or recycle every item of electronic equipment that we take in, and we do this in a manner that exceeds regulatory requirements. Because of this, you can be sure that your company will always be in compliance when it comes to the disposal of old electronics.

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Everyone remembers the excitement of your Dad or Mom first breaking out the bulky video camcorder and recording everything from a birthday to a dance recital. They were state-of-the-art machines and also very expensive. They had to ability to record the most awkward moments and made you cringe at how you sounded on video.

Recycle Video Camera ImageNow they are locked away in an attic or basement, a relic of a bygone era where you had to go to great links to record anything. What do with those items? One great suggestion is to take them to be recycled. Many people are not aware that video camera recycling is a very easy and productive way to get rid of old and unwanted video cameras.

Old video cameras are made up of some rare earth elements and also some valuable metal. These items can be recycled. The metal is 100% reusable and can be turned into all kinds of metal items. Recycled metal cuts down on the amount of metal that must be mined from the Earth.

Another big issue is that these items can contain toxic chemicals as well as metals. These chemicals are very bad for groundwater and if the camera is thrown in the trash, these chemicals will be leaked at a landfill. All Green Electronics Recycling can take these chemicals and dispose of them properly.

Video camcorders are old technology now and they deserve to be turned into new and more current electronics. They do not need to sit in an attic collecting dust. All Green Electronics Recycling is your trusted video camera recycler; our advanced processes ensure that your video camera is recycled in the most professional, thorough and ethical way. Give us a call today and we’ll discuss how we can pick up your video cameras or you can drop them off at our nationwide facilities.