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[INTRO TEXT]Recycle your fax machine through the best process possible with All Green Electronics Recycling. For your convenience we can pick-up your old fax at your location. Fax machines have existed in some form since the 19th century, but the modern fax machine has only been available since the mid-1970s. A fax machines allows one to send a document over a telephone line. Although the internet has largely replaced fax machines, many businesses maintain some sort of fax capability. Dispose of your old fax machine in a safe and eco-friendly way by recycling it with All Green!


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We offer the most optimized processes and equipment recycling. We know that more problems are created and solved with a non-specialized e-recycling process. That’s why we’ve developed an ITAD strategy that is inexpensive, environmentally-friendly and tailor-made to suit your company’s needs. When you re-market and re-purpose your old equipment, you may be surprised to find that it creates a new revenue stream for your company. This is also true of the recycling of precious metals that are to be found in outdated equipment. We had a great deal of experience in the field of recycling, so we are able to evaluate your needs and determine the best possible set of processes to apply to your situation.

All Green Makes Cell Phone Recycling Easy and Convenient


You may be wondering how it’s possible for us to afford picking up your equipment. The answer is simple; we have our own large fleet of recycling trucks dedicated to IT recycling. As a matter of fact, we have the largest fleet of this kind in North America. We are happy to arrange pickup for you at any time that is convenient. You’ll be happy to know that our experts in recycling will take care of all of the packing, labeling and hauling away of your old equipment. You’ll be given a tracking number so that you will be able to see the progress your old equipment is making through our system. It’s easy to see that we make responsible e-recycling a breeze.

we minimize risk with secure disposal of all data


We know that your old equipment may have some sensitive data on it. That’s why we handle it with a great deal of care. We are well-known in the industry for having a high level of integrity and being extremely trustworthy. In fact, we are proud to have been awarded some very distinguished certificates. They include certification, R2 Responsible Recycling certification and ISO 14001 certification. We guarantee that every item that we recycle is managed properly from start to finish. Our processes will always be open to you, and you are welcome to ask questions and make inquiries. We believe that recycling today is a good way to plan for a brighter future.

We help Maximize Remarketing Value for end of life all electronic devices


As more and more people catch on regarding the good news of recycling, the laws are changing fast to keep apace. This can mean that recycling mistakes are easy to make; however, when you choose to go with a professional company such as ours, you can rest assured that we are aware of all of the latest regulations and will adhere to them strictly. Not only that, we strive to exceed minimum governmental guidelines. We reuse, repair, salvage and/or recycle every single item that we process. We do this because we believe in building a better future for our one and only planet.

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Do you ever wonder what happens to your old electronics when you throw them away? Technology has become a vital part of our daily lives, and for daily use, electronics are safe and risk free for consumption. But when it comes time to dispose of technology many problems arise, causing electronic waste to serve as a primary source of environmental contamination.

The United Nations Environmental Program estimates that each year, 20 million to 50 million tons of electronic waste is dumped into landfills around the world, working out to be 4,000 tons per hour. The parts within these electronics that are not being properly disposed of are not biodegradable and could take millions of years to break down, leaking toxic materials into soil and water and contaminating the food chain in the process.

Recycle Fax MachinesBefore getting rid of unused junk within your home, such as an unused fax machine, take the time to evaluate what you are about to put on the curb. Mercury and lead can be found in some fax machines and needs to be removed or it will poison the water supply.

Recycling Faxes

All Green Electronics Recycling is a problem-solving company with the latest modern approaches to fax machine recycling. Our approach to fax machine recycling is so efficient and effective we are usually able to pay the donor for materials recovered or resold.

Even if the fax machine is irreparably damaged, the donor earns money because we use an extraction process removing gold, silver and platinum from end-of-life fax machines. In some cases we sell some of the functioning parts of the fax machine, such as the circuit board and other components.

The Donor Gets to Track the Process Every Step of the Way

On our website we provide you with a means to track every step of the fax machine recycling process up until you receive payment. We provide you with these facts so help build your confidence in our company as we perform the recycling process in an ethical manner unlike our competitors who sometimes ship used electronic equipment to third world countries to be dumped offshore or in an illegal landfill.