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New York City Data Destruction

We are proud to introduce you our E-Waste Recycling in New York City. Our Data Destruction Service provides many options intended for you. We want to help you by delivering the service you can enjoy. It makes us the best in this industry for long years.

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New York City Electronics Recycling

New York City Electronics

In New York City we offer you the best Electronic Recycling service you can ever enjoy. We have the best team in our company to handle all your electronic waste properly.

New York City Computer Recycling

New York City Computer

All Green Electronics Recycling is committed to offer you an easy access to our Computer Recycling Service. We can pick up your disposable computers in any location. What you need to do is to tell us where to pick it up and we will be there.

New York City Hard Drive Shredding

New York City Hard Drive

Sometimes the improper handling of Hard Drive Shredding procedure can make a customer disappointed. We don't want this scenario to happen. This is why we really select the best workers in the company equipped with sufficient knowledge to properly handle the right shredding procedures. 

New York City IT Asset Disposition

New York City IT Asset

Your End-of-life Assets are valuable for us. Think of our company every time you decide to dispose your old IT equipment. Why? Because with us, your disposable items can be a potential source of extra income. 

Data Destruction in New York City, NY

There are institutions that have large amounts of data in their systems so that they can provide appropriate service. While office records need to be preserved, some people’s data need to be disposed of. But merely deleting them will not do, and there is a danger when these data reach the wrong hands. Hence, there is New York City Data Destruction service.


All Green Electronics Recycling ensures that data destruction will be secure. It adheres to these principles:

  • Transparent process
  • Military-grade data destruction
  • On-site hard drive shredding 
  • Comprehensive reporting and certification

New York City, New York

New York City is the most popular city in the world. And its population, alone, can tell you how popular it is. It has a population of 8.5 million, who have to share just 305 square miles of area. The second most populous city—Los Angeles—only has a population of 3.8 million people. And because it’s New York City, the day population rises because of tourism.

The New York City Department of Education is the largest school district in the country, serving 1.1 million students and over 1,800 schools. So it is just right that these schools employ the best electronic wastes (e-wastes) recycling company to get rid of unnecessary data in the future.

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New York City Data Destruction: The Best Service Ever

Educational institutions cannot just delete or overwrite data in their system to pave way for new information to be inputted. Digital data are always preserved in the system. And knowledgeable individuals can take these data out if they want to. This is they a data destruction service is needed to get rid of educational information that is no longer relevant in school.

We provide the best New York City Data Destruction for school districts and educational organizations. Safety and security are provided by this e-waste recycler.

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