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Philadelphia Data Destruction

In Philadelphia, we offer you many options of our Hard Drive Destruction services. In the field of e-waste recycling, we are your best option. So what are you waiting for? Avail our services now to experience the best results we can provide to you.

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Philadelphia Electronics Recycling

Philadelphia Electronics

We're a tried and tested e-waste recycling company in Philadelphia through the years. We want to provide the opportunity for you to enjoy our convenient electronic recycling system.

Philadelphia Computer Recycling

Philadelphia Computer

We ensure that our computer recycling measures are responsive to what is needed nowadays. Entrust your disposable computer unit in Philadelphia to us. The choice that is favorable to us is akin to helping the environment. 

Philadelphia Hard Drive Shredding

Philadelphia Hard Drive

All Green Electronics Recycling is expert in Hard Drive Shredding in Philadelphia. Our modern shredder plus the skilled workers we have in the company only prove that we are the best choice for you in this field.

Philadelphia IT Asset Disposition

Philadelphia IT Asset

Proper disposal of your IT assets is important. To help you properly dispose your old equipment, All Green Electronics Recycling is here. We recycle, resell, or destroy your old IT Assets according to your instructions. 

Data Destruction in Philadelphia, PA

All Green Electronics Recycling provides Philadelphia Data Destruction that is efficient and environment friendly. The law states that no computer part or electronic waste should ever reach the landfill. The recycler, of course, follows the law. No toxic waste will ever reach the landfill from the facility. It ticked the box on what an environment-friendly facility should be. It has efficiently adhered to the responsible recycling criteria that it received an R2 (responsible recycling) certification.
The certification was in recognition to the recycler’s best practices on electronics recycling. The certificate was created by the Sustainable Electronics Recycling International, a multi-sectoral organization. Among the representatives of SERI, as it is often referred to, are:

  • S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Regulators from state agencies
  • Electronics recyclers, refurbishers and their trade organizations
  • Original equipment manufacturer / customers of electronics recycling
  • Non-government organizations

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

With a population of over 1.6 people, Philadelphia is the most populous city in Pennsylvania and the fifth in the United States. The city takes on different personas, which is why it owns a lot of nicknames. Among the more popular nicknames for Philly are:

  • City of Brotherly Love
  • Birthplace of America
  • Athens of America
  • Quaker City
  • Workshop of the World
  • The City that Loves You Back
  • Cradle of Liberty
  • City of Neighborhoods

Philadelphia is the center of Pennsylvania’s economy. It is home to seven Fortune 1000 companies. Among the major economic and employment sectors in the city are information technology (IT), manufacturing, oil refining, food processing, health care, biotechnology, tourism and financial service. These companies need a reliable recycler to take care of their IT needs.

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Philadelphia Data Destruction: AGR Provides the BEST

Aside from getting an R2 certification, All Green is also ISO 14001 certified, which also indicates that the company follows the highest standards when it comes to operating an environment-friendly company.
Philadelphia Data Destruction is not only environmentally responsible, it also ensures that its clients will never have a data breach.

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