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Electronics Recycling in San Diego

Through All Green’s tested E-Waste Management Plans and Programs, recycling old electronic equipment in San Diego is now made easy and efficient.

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Electronics Recycling

Recycle old electronics responsively. This should be our response to the growing e-waste problems.

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IT Asset Disposition

Our ITAD solutions are transparent and centrally managed. Let us help you dispose of your electronics.

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Data Destruction

With our Data Destruction, your business brand will be protected. The sensitive files will be deleted.

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Equipment Destruction

Destroying EOL IT equipment is our way to help you protect your business. Be our partner today.

Electronics Recycling San Diego Services By All Green

san-diego ImagesAn ITAD Program that is secure, certified, and convenient is what you need when it comes to responsibly disposing of your electronic disposables. If you have old computer units, mobile phones, printers, TV sets, stereos, and other EOL IT equipment wherever you are in San Diego, All Green Recycling has crafted a solution for you. The solution you have to try is our Electronics Recycling San Diego Services. The purpose of our offers is to provide optimized, easy and efficient approaches to electronics recycling. We guarantee that all our e-waste solutions are 100% satisfactory and helpful.

Where is San Diego?

San Diego is the eighth largest city in the whole United States. Particularly, the University of California and San Diego are here. As well, this is home to San Diego State University, Mission San Diego de Acala, and numerous other schools, museums, and cultural centers. This city is the host of several major sports teams, including the Padres and the Chargers. 

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IT Asset Disposition

Queens Electronic Recycling and E-Waste Dumping irresponsibly those EOL IT equipment in the landfills here or abroad is prohibited. There are already laws crafted, passed, and approved for a full environmental protection. Those disposable tech products have a higher volume of hazardous metals, like lead and mercury. If they’re just thrown in the landfills, they can cause serious environmental concerns.

All of us must take our part in saving Mother Earth. Through a careful and well-designed e-waste management program, we can achieve this goal. That’s why we’re campaigning for no e-waste landfill zones not only in this country but also in the whole wide world.

San Diego Electronics Recycling Locations

Wherever you are in the locations shown in the map above, All Green Recycling is ready, 7 days a week, to recycle these items:

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