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Electronics Recycling in Arizona

We use state-of-the-art facilities and equipment in Electronics Recycling to maintain the best quality output that we are known for. Let All Green help you recycle and remarket your old electronic devices.


Electronics Recycling

We always comply with the exiting EPA Guidelines in every work we do. We are a trusted e-cycling partner by national and international businesses.

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IT Asset Disposition

We make sure that our clients get the highest return on the value of their old IT assets. We are known for streamlining equipment disposal processes.

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Data Destruction

We deter threats of security breach by using only the most effective Data Destruction methods. We help business adopt infallible destruction policies.

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Equipment Destruction

The equipment and facilities we use have been rated as the best in the industry. We boost of our Green Plus Data Annihilator and mobile hard drive shredder.

Electronics Recycling Arizona Services For Businesses By All Green

Electronic Recycling And E-Waste

All Green Electronics Recycling is prepared to help the people of Arizona with their electronics recycling needs through Electronics Recycling Arizona Services.

For assistance, call us at (800) 780-0347 and we will direct you to our Business and Government Account Division for more information.


Arizona Electronics Recycling Locations

Electronic Waste Recycling In Arizona

We are now in the process of developing an individual residential drop-off program in the state of Arizona which we will implement soon. But we now have pickup services in the state. Please click on the link given below for our free pickup schedule.




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E-Waste Collectors • Waste Haulers

E-Waste Collectors • Waste Haulers

All Green Recycling is very competitive when it comes to e-waste recycling. The services that we offer are the best in the industry. Our network of field service agents now serve the United States. As an added service, we offer free pickup and schedule the drop off of your old equipment in any location and during any day of the week.


Electronics Manufacturers • Resellers

Electronics ManufacturersWhat to do with end-of-life equipment is now a growing concern among electronic manufacturers, resellers and retailers. All Green has the technology and the capability to work with organizations to address this kind of a concern. We do inventory, redistribution of still useful components of your obsolete equipment and the destruction of those that can no longer be used.


Off-Lease Equipment Take-back

Equipment Take-BackWe will collect off-lease IT equipment from your facilities located anywhere in the U.S. free of charge. We will visit your location and perform onsite processing of your old electronics. We will refurbish the still functional equipment for resale. You are certain to get a 70% share from its sales proceeds.


Our Goals

Our Goals ImageAll Green will make sure that your outdated computers, monitors, cell phones and other electronics will not end up in a landfill. These will not also be sent to third world countries for disposal. Our goal is to make sure that the toxic contents of these equipment are not spilled into the environment. We guarantee that all of the equipment that we collect are processed in the U.S. 


The E-Waste Disposal Process

E-Waste Disposal Process

We are a trusted e-waste collector and recycler. We can visit you at your business address or at home for equipment pickup. We bring your electronics to our facilities located in Southern and Northern California and in North America. We dismantle the items that we receive and remove the components that can still be reused. Items sent for resale include copper, iron, aluminum, glass, plastic, other precious metals and shredded circuit boards. The remaining components are destroyed through shredding. We reduce your equipment to very tiny pieces of around 2 inches in diameter to make sure that these can no longer be reused. The very fine pieces are then separate inside devices that are connected by conveyor belts. The entire process is 95% automated. The procedure will ensure the complete destruction of its data content.

Arizona Electronic Waste Solutions

When in need of a trusted e-cycling center in Arizona, always remember that All Green Recycling should be the company of your choice. We offer the following services to the residents of the state of Arizona:

Contact us right now for more details and information about our Electronics Recycling Arizona Services.