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Recycle Sewing Machines, Appliances and any other electronics and protect our environment. Convenient pickup services nationwide for Sewing Machine Recycling & Disposal. R2 Certified ** Electronics Recycling, IT Asset Disposition and on-site hard drive shredding.

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Electronics Recycling

Convenient IT Equipment & E-Waste recycling services anywhere in the world with online reporting and a focus on security & compliance.

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IT Asset Disposition

Retire IT Assets & recover maximum value with our refurbishment, redeployment and remarketing services anywhere in the world.

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Data Destruction

Protect against data breeches & ensure full data security compliance with industry leading data wipes, hard drive destruction & On-Site Shredding.

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Equipment Destruction

Protect your brand & ensure your equipment NEVER makes its way back on the market with secure & equipment destruction services.


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Sewing Machines Contain a Wealth of Recyclable Materials.

At All Green Electronics Recycling we can pick up and professionally recycle your sewing machine. An item full of memories, sending a sewing machine to the dump is more than just a shame, it’s a terrible waste of recoverable materials. All Green Electronics Recycling can help refurbish and fix an old sewing machine or recycle it for its important non-renewable parts. Our end-to-end service makes recycling easy for you, and our long history of skilled recycling proves that your old sewing machine will see the new life it deserves.



Recycle Sewing Machines, Appliances and any other electronics and protect our environment. Convenient pickup services nationwide for Sewing Machine Recycling & Disposal. R2 Certified ** Electronics Recycling, IT Asset Disposition and on-site hard drive shredding.

Centrally Managed Sewin Machine Recycling Process


We develop a custom and comprehensive ITAD strategy to meet your individual business needs. Doing so will be both cheaper in the long run, and is more environmentally friendly. Using a generic recycling plan is inefficient. Recycling your old commercial equipment will create new income streams for your used equipment. We are the trusted name in equipment recycling, let All Green Electronics Recycling help you develop the best path to decommission and recycle your equipment in the most cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly way.

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Our scale means your savings. We operate a massive fleet of IT recycling trucks that spans across North America, all available to be at your doorstep in short notice. Simply request our services and we will work with you to arrange the most convenient time. From there, our certified recycling masters will take care of all packaging, labeling, and removal of your old equipment. Recycling has never been easier. We offer online tracking of your recycled goods through our online management portal.

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We know your equipment is valuable, and may contain sensitive data. We will take the highest care to ensure your old equipment is processed correctly and in the safest way possible. Equipment recycling is our expertise and our customers have trusted us in this industry for years on a daily basis. We will offer you complete and transparent data throughout the process.

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Leaving recycling to amateurs can be very costly. Government regulations currently impose large fines if this process is not handled correctly. Disregard for proper recycling standards can also cause irreparable harm to your company’s precious reputation. We exceed the requirements to ensure that your company faces minimal regulatory risk, while taking the highest degree of environmental responsibility to demonstrate your commitment to the environment. Join us in building a sustainable future for our children.

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Sewing machine recycling is an easy and convenient way to do your part to help the environment. Sewing machines can last years, but when you’ve finally upgraded your machine don’t just toss the old one into a landfill. Maybe you’ve held onto that old sentimental sewing machine and want to part ways in the most ethical way possible. You can trust that All Green Electronics Recycling will reuse, repair and recycle your machine, and sometimes even pay you for the materials.


Recycle Old Sewing Machines

Traditionally, that heavy old sewing machine’s casing, gears and needles were made out of metal, and that metal can be reused and kept out of landfills that are quickly running out of space. Landfills today contain about 9% metal, so don’t let your old sewing machine contribute to these numbers. recycling-sewingmachine imageRecycling your sewing machine for scrap metal will conserve raw materials, energy and landfill space according to the EPA.

All Green Electronic Recycling Services Are Offered In:

It also takes a lot less effort to reuse that metal than it does to mine and process the raw material. Don’t let grandma’s old workhorse sewing machine sit in a landfill. Let her legacy live on in other ways, and know that you are making the best decision for the future of our environment.

Recycle New Sewing Machines

Newer sewing machines are primarily made from plastic. By recycling any sewing machine you are doing your part to keep unnecessary items out of the landfill. In a lot of cases, newer sewing machines are much more cost effective to replace than repair. This leaves a lot of unused machines taking up space in your home or your local landfill. The EPA says that 12% of a landfill is plastic material, and the truth is a lot of these plastics could be recycled and recycling any item is easier now than ever before.

Depend On Us to Ethically Recycle Your Sewing Machine

In some cases, we will pick up your old sewing machine or you can drop it off at one of our many nationwide pick-up locations. You can then track your items on our website and see the entire process from start to finish. We are an ethical company and we want to assure you that your sewing machine and materials recycled will be put to good use. We don’t ship to other countries’ landfills and we are dedicated to providing you a convenient, dependable way to recycle all of your household items.