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Recycle Hard Drives, Computers and other data containing devices with certified hard drive destruction. Convenient pickup services nationwide for Hard Drive Recycling. 

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Containing a wealth of useful recyclable materials, hard drives should be near the top of your recycling list. The parts and materials in hard drives can easily be re-purposed, reused and recycled. We are the hard drive recycling company that the FBI uses to ensure data on hard drives is destroyed of completely, and you can use our online management portal to request a data destruction certificate, proving that your company took every step required to protect the data of your customers.



Centrally Managed Hard Drive Recycling Process


Equipment disposal is a big problem, and using the same method for all items only makes the problem worse. We work with our customers to create a customized and all-encompassing ITAD strategy to save you money while also saving the environment. By putting equipment back into the economy, you gain access to revenue streams for equipment you no longer need. Another commonly used strategy is recycling precious metals from the equipment you no longer use. We are experienced experts in this line of work, so we are trained in helping you determine which method is best for you to decommission your equipment in a risk-free and economically sound way.

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We are able to pick up decommissioned equipment wherever you have it, because we own the largest collection of IT recycling trucks in North America. You can arrange pickup for any time, and when our experts show up, they take care of all the labeling and removal of the packages they put together for you. Our top-of-the-line management platform even allows you to track where your equipment has been and where it is going.

We minimize risk with secure disposal of all data


Sometimes your hard drive might have important data stored on it. For this reason, we take very seriously the responsibility of disposing of the equipment with care. Every piece of equipment that ends up in our care is meticulously managed, and every bit of data on our process is made available to you. We have an excellent track record of integrity and risk minimization, and we have built the utmost trust with our customers.

We help Maximize Remarketing Value for end of life all electronic devices


Regulations dictate that improper disposal can result in enormous fines that could cripple your company while also risking your standing within the community. To guarantee that this never happens to you, we don’t just follow minimum government standards; we pass them by with flying colors, and make sure your company is protected from liability and doing its part to protect Mother Earth.

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Hard drives are one of the most critical components of any computing system, and one that contains the most mechanical parts. Be it a desktop computer, laptop, notebook, mainframe or a server computer, the hard drive has a unique and essential part to play. Old hard drives that are short on space and speed can be a big bottleneck on any computing system, as larger, faster drives keep emerging in the market. These are also highly efficient in data storage, retrieval and overall security.

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However, the question arises – what to do with the old hard disks when new ones arrive? Their proper and secure disposal is important. As such drives may contain matter that is hazardous to natural resources and their environment their disposal has to be performed in an ecologically-friendly way.harddrive-recycling image
Thus, the task has to be entrusted to specialists that like All Green Electronics Recycling, who dispose of hard disks professionally while meeting and complying with all local regulations and data protection legislation.

Typically our specialists receive orders for disposal of several hard drives in one go. These hard drives are physically collected, and proper receipts are given. The hard drives’ details are logged meticulously and then taken to the disposal process. The entire disposal and destruction history of such a hard drive is accessible at any time by the client.

High Quality Data Destruction on Hard Drive

Advanced data purging software is used to destroy the data from the hard drives. Leaks of such data would be very expensive for the client, so all care is taken to ensure that data is completely erased from hard drives in a secure environment.

This is done by formatting the hard drive with powerful data purging software. This removes all resident information and data (including that which had seemed to have been deleted from the drive by the user but is in fact still existing in physical form on the drive. Such purging includes the cleaning of RAM as well.

Then a process of sterilization is carried out on the wiped drive. This is done by running a powerful electromagnetic field generator through the drive. This completely eliminates every vestige of any magnetic data from the drive. This makes the data that was on the drive unrecoverable. It is then that the drive is dismantled into its component parts, and the hard drive can be re-purposed or recycled for use in another product.

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