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Hard Drive Recycling Near You

All Green Recycling is the answer for hard drive recycling near you. Recycling an old hard drive is a viable option for you, your business, and your environment.

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Data Wiping

When you need all confidential data wiped from your assets, on-site data wiping ensures that data will be securely wiped right in your place of business.

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Media degaussing involves using a magnetic force to completely wipe a device, rendering the device useless and making all data inaccessible.

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SSD shredding ensures all information is completely destroyed and irreversible and keeps your company in compliance with data security laws.

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On-Site CD and
DVD Shredding

On-Site CD and DVD shredding safely destroys all confidential data stored on CDs and DVDs, which are being used less frequently today.

All Green Recycling is a reliable option for hard drive recycling near you, offering various types of e-waste recycling. The swift evolution of technology has companies wondering how to recycle computers and what they should do with their e-waste. This is where local electronics recycling comes into the picture. All Green Recycling is here for both individuals and companies. We take the headache out of hard drive recycling and do all the difficult work for you. Some of our certified hard drive recycling services include hard drive shredding, e-waste recycling, and hard drive shredding.

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Why Should You Recycle Old Computers?

There are numerous reasons to recycle old computers. Technology is constantly evolving, rendering older computers obsolete after a short period of time. One of the main benefits of e-waste recycling is the fact that doing so will keep trash out of landfills. Many of the components of an old computer can be used to create a new device, which in turn uses less natural resources.

Computer donation, on the other hand, is also helpful to the community. While you may want to use the latest technology available, other people and organizations may be able to make use out of a working, older computer. This option is only a viable one for computers that have been used for personal purposes and is not a secure way to dispose of business or corporate computers.

While there are plenty of benefits to recycling an old hard drive, one may be wondering how this applies to computers. This is where All Green Recycling comes in. We take control of your unwanted e-waste and take it through the entire recycling process. We take care of the security and labor, giving you the peace of mind in knowing your old hard drive is not being wasted. When you take your old computers to hard drive recycling near you, you can be sure that your old devices are in the best of hands.

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How to Destroy A Hard Drive

Local electronics recycling services are there to help you destroy an old hard drive. There are quite a few secure ways you can do this, but the most popular ways include degaussing and hard drive shredding. Degaussing will destroy a hard drive by magnetic force, and shredding uses a shredder to physically destroy the hard drive. Ideally, both of these forms of hard drive sanitization should be used together.

It is important to destroy a hard drive before disposing of it because otherwise, you are leaving all of your confidential information at risk. Many companies and individuals alike make the mistake of simply deleting data from their old hard drives, but this leaves a huge risk and is no longer a viable option. When someone else ends up with that hard drive, they can potentially access all information that was previously on that hard drive. This is why destroying a hard drive prior to recycling is so important. All Green Recycling operates hard drive recycling near you to take care of this issue in a secure way.

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How to Find Hard Drive Recycling Near You

Finding hard drive recycling near you doesn’t have to be difficult at all. All Green Recycling has locations across the United States. Some of the states with an All Green Recycling location include California, New York, Texas, and more. Simply browse through our range of locations and contact us today to start recycling your hard drives. It’s better for yourself, your business, and your environment. Utilizing All Green Recycling is an investment in both your security and compliance with local, state, and federal laws.