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On-Site CD and DVD Shredding

As storage discs are increasingly being replaced by newer and better storage media, businesses are grappling with piles upon piles of unwanted CDs and DVDs. On-site CD and DVD shredding offers a reliable and secure way to destroy discs containing confidential data.

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Get rid of confidential company documents with proven on-site shredding that is safe, secure, and accountable, with guaranteed accuracy and security.

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On-Site Cell Phone

Avoid regulatory penalties by choosing reliable on-site cell phone shredding to discard used cell phones as well as sensitive private data.

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On-Site Hard Drive

On-site hard drive shredding is a secure data destruction process that ensures your data never gets into the hands of hackers and identity thieves.

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On-Site Tape Backup

Destroying old backup tapes thwarts possible data theft, protects your business's reputation and saves you from costly obligations.  

When it’s time to discard used CDs and DVDs, consider on-site CD and DVD shredding. Most professionals agree that shredding is the best way to discard unwanted CDs and DVDs. Better yet, doing it onsite has many benefits for your business.

While you can let your employees handle the destruction of sensitive data on CDs, the process can prove cumbersome and time-consuming. It is so risk-laden that any slight mishap could lead to hefty costs for your business.

Letting professionals handle the delicate process on-site will not only save you time but also money.

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Why Shred Old CDs and DVDs?

Shredding is a proven security technique for destroying unwanted office supplies. Due to the importance of protecting confidential data from landing into the wrong hands, shredding is used to guarantee the secure disposal of discarded office consumables.

There are several quick DIY ways to get rid of a used CD. You can scratch it using a sharp object, you can scrape off the top metallic layer, you can break the CD into pieces, or – worse – you can throw it into the trash can.

That said, all these methods are not foolproof. In reality, data can still be recovered from broken discs or those that are not properly destroyed. With some effort and by using the right tools, some data can be salvaged and pieced together from pieces of broken CDs. When you have sensitive information on old discs, you don’t want to take any chances.

Shredding is a great way to discard used CDs and DVDs. If done correctly, it guarantees that no data can be recovered from the shredded pieces of CDs and DVDs.

The Benefits of On-Site CD and DVD Shredding

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Just like the convenience of on-site cell phone shredding, with on-site CD and DVD shredding, you have the option to choose the most convenient time to enlist a shredding service. You can choose a one-off service or a regular one scheduled on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. In addition, on-site CD and DVD shredding ensures that you never have to purchase any specialized shredding equipment.


When you have piles of CDs and DVDs to destroy, on-site shredding can be a huge time saver. Imagine if your employees had to organize the collection of sensitive office waste and then shred it. You would lose hours of productive time and ultimately your business would lose money. When you outsource to a shredding service that performs the work onsite, you save time and employee-hours, which can, in turn, be used to earn more money.

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Security is perhaps one of the most critical reasons for choosing on-site CD and DVD shredding. A reputable outsourced onsite shredding service provides secure receptacles to store your office waste before shredding. This way there’s no direct access to your sensitive data by third parties.

To find out more about how your business could benefit from the security and cost-saving benefits of on-site CD and DVD shredding, contact All Green Recycling today.