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On-Site Shredding

Over time, businesses find themselves amassing a huge amount of unwanted equipment. Not only do these items occupy precious space but they can also hinder smooth business operations. On-site shredding is a viable method to quickly and safely destroy unwanted and outdated equipment.

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On-Site Cell Phone

Get custom on-site cell phone shredding to guarantee total destruction of private business data and protect client confidentiality.

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On-Site CD & DVD

Destroy sensitive data on used CDs and DVDs with a state of the art on-site CDs and DVDs shredding service.

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On-Site Hard Drive

On-site hard drive shredding saves you time and protects you from potential data breaches as well as identity theft.

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On-Site Tape Backup

Utilize on-site tape destruction for highly sensitive company data to eliminate risks of data breaches and have total peace of mind.

Almost every business is hiding a collection of unwanted and unused business and IT equipment that has accumulated over time. If this rings true for you, on-site shredding is what you need to securely get rid of them. There can be a great deal of gadgets and IT equipment involved in a typical business operation that tends to accumulate over time, eventually growing into a collection of unwanted equipment over the years. Backup tapes, hard drives, old computer equipment, CDs and DVDs, laptops, and desktop computers are just some of the equipment you may unwillingly store at your business premises.

Some people suggest that shredding is expensive, but consider the potential penalties for data breaches if your old equipment is not securely destroyed.

Of course, there are some backups you may need to keep, usually up to a given date in the future. However, with regular backups and new cloud-based storage solutions, the need to keep old IT equipment and storage devises becomes less important every year.

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On-Site CD and DVD Shredding

When you have piles of sensitive data on old CDs and DVDs, you don’t want to take any chances in the way it is destroyed. Onsite CD and DVD shredding guarantee secure destruction of old discs in a timely manner. Yes, there are plenty of DIY methods to destroy old CDs and DVDs by yourself, but the risks are too great to ignore. Enlisting the services of onsite shredders is a time-saving decision and it guarantees secure disposal of your sensitive data. A proven onsite shredding service ensures best practices in confidential data disposal and minimizes the risks involved in disposing of such data.

On-Site Cell Phone Shredding

If you have a pile of old cell phones to discard, consider on-site cell phone shredding as the best way to securely dispose of those unwanted phones. It is safe, secure, and time-saving on your part. A cell phone is a treasure-trove of key personal information. If it lands in the wrong hands, you could easily become another victim of identity theft. And if the cell phones in question have been used by your staff for business-related communications, then a lot more could be a stake. Shred your phone to ensure that your personal information is never at risk of theft.

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The Benefits of On-Site Shredding

There are many ways to discard old electronic equipment and IT waste. You can have it collected by regular garbage collectors or you can donate your equipment for recycling. However, each of these methods brings considerable undesirable effects, not to mention being risky and time-consuming.

Enlisting a data destruction service to perform on-site shredding gives the best benefits. Below are some of the upsides of on-site shredding.

It is time-saving: In a world where every minute lost means money lost, you want to save as much time as possible and use it productively. On-site shredding by a reputable service can take a significantly shorter time than if you were using a personal shredder. Data destruction companies employ highly specialized shredders that can obliterate piles of IT equipment in a matter of minutes.


With on-site destruction, you can witness the entire process (if you choose to) or nominate someone to do it for you. Witnessing sensitive IT equipment being destroyed has become a necessary accountability measure.

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Document destruction companies are more likely to follow high standards of safety and security rules while disposing of your equipment and IT waste. This entails using techniques that ensure data contained within the devices is unrecoverable.


Reputable data destructions companies ensure that shredded waste is recycled, which in the long run ensures that fewer resources are used to manufacture new equipment, while preventing your waste from adding to the growing landfill problem. This is a good move for the environment.

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Money Saving

When you enlist a third-party to do on-site shredding, you have no need to acquire expensive shredders. In the end, you inevitably save money.

Clean and Safe

On-site shredding is completed in specially-constructed trucks that house industry-standard shredders. Everything is properly taken care of in a fast and neat way.

To find out more about on-site shredding and to see how it could benefit your business, contact All Green Recycling today.