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Picking the best method to destroy SSDs at the end of their life-cycle starts with understanding why they’re difficult to dispose of. SSD shredding by professional data destructors ensures irreversible SSD destruction and compliance with data mandates.

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Hard Drive Shredding

Safeguard your old drives by utilizing hard drive shredding techniques to prevent data recovery attempts.

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Data Wiping

Ensure full erasure of your data using foolproof data wiping techniques that irreversibly destroy data on a hard drive.

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Media Degaussing

Avoid potential data breaches by degaussing every hard drive that has ever had access to your business data.

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Media Shredding

Secure media shredding guarantees the highest level of data security from media of any type.

If you are looking for ways to securely dispose of decommissioned solid state drives, SSD shredding is the best option. It is the safest, most foolproof technique for secure disposal of solid state drives.

Solid state drives offer countless benefits than traditional hard drives. They’re smaller, more durable, use less power, and hold more data. SSDs also offer superior performance with reduced latency and access time.

That said, one of the biggest benefits of SSDs is also their biggest end-of-life nightmare. Solid state drives are so effective at storing information that it is extremely hard to wipe them clean. The flash memory used by solid state drives is very difficult to erase.

Data Destruction Dilemma For Ssds

Data Destruction Dilemma for SSDs

While SSDs are increasingly replacing old-fashioned HDDs, businesses are faced with the dilemma of how to properly erase the data stored on SSDs and how to securely destroy them when their lifespan has expired.

SSDs use flash memory to store data (rather than spinning disks). Among other benefits, flash storage offers superior resilience against data loss as a result of physical crashes, drops, or shudders.

This benefit, however, can prove detrimental when the time comes to dispose of the SDD. Traditional destruction methods simply don’t work. Degaussing, file shredding, and other methods of destroying HDDs cannot reliably be used on SSDs.

As such, disposing of SSDs is a little more delicate than classic hard disk drives.

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SSD Shredding Offers the Most Viable Option

SSD shredding is the only proven method that guarantees the safe disposal of solid state drives. Shredding ensures compliance with corporate data destruction regulations.

However, shredding is not as straightforward as it sounds. The drive must be sliced into tiny pieces that render the data wholly unrecoverable. Thus, proper solid state drive shredding starts with specialized tools uniquely designed to irreversibly destroy SSDs.

Finding a reputable data destruction firm is the first step in the right direction. Professional data destruction companies like All Green Recycling use the right tools to securely destroy SSDs in a way that guarantees compliance.

To find out more about SSD shredding, contact All Green Recycling today.