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All Green Electronics Recycling will recycle any electronic device. Schedule a pickup or find a drop-off location, but whatever you do, don't throw your...

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If you possess or manage computer equipment that is resalable, All Green will dismantle, remove, refurbish if necessary, and prepare it for resale. Once an item...

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With every computer All Green Electronics Recycling recovers, data security is offered immediately. Options range from a low-cost data wipes to Department of...

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Protecting data by using certified on-site hard drive destruction is of critical importance to all organizations...

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Freezers are a difficult item for many people to recycle; they’re large, full of potentially harmful chemicals, and many recycling services do not accept them without extra charge. All Green Electronics Recycling recognizes that the fight for the survival of our planet requires us to dispose of fridges and freezers in a responsible manner, and for this reason we can come out to your premises to pick up your old freezer at no charge. We will ensure that your freezer is recycled in the most ethical manner, and never ship materials abroad to be dumped. Contact us today to learn more about Freezer recycling solutions.




Centrally Managed Freezer Recycling Process


We think there is no one way to skin a cat when it comes to the recycling process. Alongside you, we can build a custom recycling plan that is cost effective and environmentally sound. There is money to be made from recycling and reusing electronic equipment, and it is a smart idea for your company to re-purpose metals from your old equipment such as freezers, fridges and large white goods. We are masters at this craft and can work with you to design a strategy to do this is fast, efficient and environmentally safe.

All Green Electronics Recycling Makes Recycling Easy and Convenient


Due to our dedication to making the recycling process for white goods like freezers as simple as possible for our clients, without costing them a penny, we are proud that we run the largest fleet of electronics recycling in the country. Our professionals take care of all aspects of equipment transfer. We offer tracking online anytime, and the process is extremely easy. We know that freezers are hard to recycle, and that’s why we offer such a hands-on approach in this area.

We minimize risk with secure disposal of all data


There is nobody more careful about the disposal of outdated equipment than All Green Electronics Recycling. All Green Electronics Recycling is proud that we hold a number of the most rigorous and illustrious certifications in the recycling industry. We are R2 Responsible Recycling and ISO 14001 certified. There is not a job that we undertake without extreme care, and we are completely transparent about how we recycle your freezers.

We help Maximize Remarketing Value for end of life all electronic devices


Don’t get caught getting rid of your old equipment in a way that reflects badly on you or your company. Recycling through All Green Electronics Recycling not only offers you a revenue stream from your old equipment, but ensures that you comply with all of the changing legislation regarding the recycling of old equipment. We are your IT, electronics and white goods recycling partner, and we will do all we can to offer you the best service in the business.

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Responsible freezer recycling allows 95% of the components and materials to be recycled in a manner that protects our environment. Discarded materials may be reused or disposed of in a manner that is safe and environmentally-sound. The additional 5% which is not recyclable can be disposed of in way that allows them be productively used to facilitate the decomposition of biodegradable landfill materials. Recycling of old freezers can have a significant impact on an individual’s carbon footprint. Just one freezer recycled is equivalent to preventing 10 tons of CO2 and CO2-equivalent from entering our atmosphere. This represents as much protection as removing two cars from the road for an entire year.

Why Responsible Freezer Recycling Matters

Freezers contain a number of hazardous and toxic substances. These include mercury switches, chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) refrigerant gas (Freon), and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). CFCs, such as Freon are used to provide cooling. Improperly disposing of components containing CFCs can result in damage to the earth’s ozone layer. Furthermore, if an individual is caught improperly disposing of CFCs, it may lead to a significant fine. freezer-recycling imagePCBs contaminate the ground and groundwater, and when improperly incinerated, also release toxic gases such as hydrogen chloride and dioxins into the air. Mercury, a highly potent neurotoxin, accumulates in water and soil and may go airborne. When a freezer is recycled, around 190 pounds of parts can be used to produce new raw materials such as glass, copper, steel and aluminum. Metals, plastics, glass, foam insulation, oils, and refrigerants may also be reclaimed or disposed of in a way that reduces harm to our environment.

We Make it a Simple Choice

As an incentive for the recycling of old freezers, consumers may be eligible to receive payment for the recyclable components of an old freezer. We recycle in a manner that is not only responsible, but ethical as well. Unlike many recyclers, we never ship items to landfills in third world countries. When it is time to replace your freezer, you’ll want to make the choice of disposing of it in a manner that makes good sense for the planet we share, and we want to do everything we can to make that choice a simple one. All Green Electronics Recycling offers you the choice of dropping your old freezer off at one of our nationwide pick-up locations, or simply contact us to arrange a pick-up. You can track the recycling process from start to finish on our website. We salvage the components and materials from freezers which may be repaired or reused, thereby reducing landfill waste. Materials that cannot be salvaged are responsibly recycled. This protects our planet’s limited supply of non-renewable resources.