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All Green Electronics Recycling will recycle any electronic device. Schedule a pickup or find a drop-off location, but whatever you do, don't throw your...

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If you possess or manage computer equipment that is resalable, All Green will dismantle, remove, refurbish if necessary, and prepare it for resale. Once an item...

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With every computer All Green Electronics Recycling recovers, data security is offered immediately. Options range from a low-cost data wipes to Department of...

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Protecting data by using certified on-site hard drive destruction is of critical importance to all organizations...

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Old scanner? At All Green Electronics Recycling we’ll take that scanner off your hands, recycling the scanner and reusing the materials in new products and in new ways. Scanners were previously in every home and office, but with changes in online business their use has slowed. Recycle your old or broken scanner with All Green Electronics Recycling, and we’ll ensure that all of the re-useable components are repurposed, and all recyclable materials are recovered from your old scanner equipment. As leading providers in this area, All Green Electronics Recycling is your partner in photocopier and scanner recycling.

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All Green is R2 Certified ** as a responsible recycler by a third-party certification body. All Green has the highest standards with policies for managing used and end-of-life electronics equipment, components, and materials based on strategies such as reuse, materials, and energy recovery and/or disposal. All Green is also audited regularly to ensure the highest possible standards for data destruction, security, and a commitment to responsible e-waste recycling.

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A cookie-cutter approach to equipment recycling is not the optimal solution. That is why our approach is to thoroughly assess and develop a tailored solution which optimizes value and return to your company while still being eco-friendly. Re-provisioning outdated equipment or salvaging reusable resources from this equipment are common strategies utilized to optimize returns while benefitting the environment. With our extensive experience and expertise in this area, we can advise and guide you on the best method to retire scanners using the most prudent, economical and environmentally-sound alternatives available.

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Since our operations consist of the largest fleet of IT recycling trucks in North America, it is possible for us to offer pick up services at your location without costly overhead. Once a convenient pickup appointment has been scheduled, our experts will handle all the recycling details, including packaging, labeling and removal of your scanners. Status and tracking is readily available through our sophisticated, yet easy to use, online management portal. Environmentally-safe and responsible equipment recycling has been simplified to save you time and effort.

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Decommissioning scanners could potentially involve sensitive or important data which remains on the system being repurposed or retired. We have a dedicated team with a proven history when it comes to protecting your assets throughout their lifecycle. With well-established experience and the highest levels of industry certifications, our company will ensure that every single asset handled will maintain its integrity as it is carefully managed and navigated through the recycling process. We are recognized as a premier provider of equipment recycling services and are entrusted by many businesses on a regular daily basis.

We Help Maximize Remarketing Value For End Of Life All Electronic Devices


Regulatory requirements on scanning equipment recycling across the country, if unheeded, could result in costly fines which might irreparably harm your business and forever tarnish your established reputation. We insulate you from this risk by exceeding government minimum guidelines to ensure that 100% of the items that come through our company are recycled. This helps ensure a sustainable future for your business as well as our planet.

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Life without electronics is simply unimaginable. Whether you run an office or do business from home, you require a wide range of electronics to manage day-to-day affairs. Of these electronic products, scanners still find a place of prominence. But when scanners reach their end-of-life, it’s wise to send them for recycling to recover their valuable materials and to safeguard the environment. Recycling-Scanner Image
When you think of scanner recycling, select a reputed electronics recycling company that will perform the job the way you want. You require a recycling firm that will minimize the environmental cost.

By recycling your scanner, you can benefit immensely. Almost 90% of what is used to manufacture scanners can be recycled. Allowing your old scanner to be recycled opens up the possibility of receiving a monetary return.

The direct disposal of e-waste to landfills can also pose serious health hazards. It can pollute the environment by spoiling air and water. The biggest benefit in recycling scanners is, therefore, preventing valuable materials from entering the waste stream. As one of America’s largest electronic recycling companies, we perform scanner recycling by following environmentally-friendly yet business-feasible practices.

When scanners are recycled, a host of materials can be recovered. They include copper, aluminum, nickel and zinc. While these are valuable materials, there are also substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium that can lead to major problems if released into the environment. Remember, old scanners may contain toxic substances that are not suitable for landfills. Here, an effective e-waste recycling program helps to sort out the metals. As specialists, All Green Electronics Recycling engages in responsible recycling of used electronics so that the environmental impacts are kept to a bare minimum. We also ensure the recovery of precious reusable materials.

Having realized the significance of e-waste recycling, you’ll do well to hire the services of a professional recycling firm to deal with your old scanners. When you contact us, you don’t have to pay to pick your e-waste because we serve you for free. You can also make use of one of our pick-up locations to dispose of your used electronics. We have state-of-the-art materials recovery facilities for sorting all the different materials recovered from scanners. Make sure you send your old scanners to a certified company like All Green Electronics Recycling for the effective recycling of your scanner.