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Printer cartridges have the air of being disposable, but in fact they are anything but. Some of the most expensive consumable items in IT, printer cartridges can in fact be refurbished, remanufactured and recycled multiple times, lowering their price and offering our planet some respite from our relentless damage. All Green Electronics Recycling is the industry-leading printer cartridge recycling company in the country, dedicated to offering the most efficient recycling of IT equipment possible. Read more about our professional services below.


  • Centrally Managed Remote Control Recycling Process


    Here at All Green Electronics Recycling we value environmentally-friendly equipment recycling. We have a special process that solves the complex issues of equipment recycling. We value both the environment and providing an economical service, with a specialized ITAD solution that offers you the best returns on your equipment. We are the leading company in recycling equipment and re-purposing it into new items.

  • All Green Electronics Recycling Makes Recycling Easy and Convenient


    You don’t have to deliver your printer cartridges to us, although we do have drop-off centers across the country. With the biggest fleet of IT recycling vehicles in the United States, our company will pick up all your old equipment whenever it meets your schedule. Let us worry about disposal while you keep track of the process with our all-new online interface.

  • We minimize risk with secure disposal of all data


    As one of the few companies the U.S certified to recycle a wide range of items including printer cartridges we have become the partner of some of the largest companies in the country. Our recycling facilities are second to none, and we can be completely transparent about how we recycle each and every part that comes through our doors as we offer the best recycling available today.

  • We help Maximize Remarketing Value for end of life all electronic devices


    Disposing of dangerous items that could have been recycled is not only illegal but it can be highly damaging to the reputation of a business. Let us take care of everything, and rest worry free. Your printer cartridges can be re-used, your company minimized its impact on the planet, and your reputation as a forward-thinking company is assured.

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The printer industry is experiencing all-time record sales as printers have become more affordable than ever. Printers are now viewed as a disposable commodity; one that is cheaper to replace than to repair. It is estimated that 90% of households have printers and the average owner of a printer will use 2 to 3 printer cartridges per year. Many businesses use multiples of the large laser printer cartridges per year. printer-cartridge-recycling-image60-80% of all used printer cartridges end up landfills, where it takes an estimated 1,000 years for the printer cartridge to fully decompose. Worldwide, 350 million printer cartridges make their way to landfills each year, with 70% of those cartridges disposed of in the United States alone. The annual growth rate in non-recycled printer cartridges is a staggering 12%, meaning the problem is getting worse instead of better.

The Environmental Impact of One Printer Cartridge

Whenever a new single color ink printer cartridge is manufactured, approximately 4.8 kg of CO2 emissions are added to the earth’s atmosphere. This is just for the outer plastic casing and internal parts. The production of the toner contained within the cartridge creates 16 metric tons of GHG emissions for each metric ton of toner produced. The average toner cartridge with a yield of 5,000 pages holds 200 grams of toner, and this accounts for 3.2 kg of CO2 emission for each cartridge.

What If We Chose to Recycle?

If 100,000 printer cartridges were recycled instead of being disposed of in landfills, we could reclaim 9,599 kg of aluminum, 40 tons of plastic, and 1,000,000 liters of oil. Up to 97% of the materials in ink and toner cartridges can be reclaimed, preserving our supply of precious non-renewable resources and lessening the environmental impact of greenhouse gases, toxic waste, pollution and ground and water contaminants, which pose significant health risks to humans and wildlife alike.

Why We Should Be Your Recycling Service of Choice

• When you make the responsible choice to recycle ink and toner printer cartridges, we offer the option of dropping off the items at any one of our convenient nationwide locations, or you can arrange for us to pick up your used printer cartridges at a time that’s convenient for you. • We offer an online portal that allows you track the progress of your recyclables each step of the way. • Unlike many recyclers, we are highly committed to ethical practices. We never ship materials for disposal in third world landfills. • We are committed to protecting the earth’s environment and resources. Parts which can be repaired and reused will be salvaged. Parts that cannot be salvaged will be recycled for their precious metals and other reusable materials. • Consumers may be eligible for payment for their recyclables.