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Electronics Recycling in Newport Beach

All Green Recycling has been in the business of electronics recycling and disposal for years. So if you need electronics recycling in Newport Beach, California, call us and schedule for an e-waste pickup.


Electronics Recycling

Electronics recycling is now hassle-free with our certified computer disposal services. You can drop off old electronics in designated centers or call our office to schedule a pickup.

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IT Asset Disposition

We securely and safely transport IT assets anywhere in the world and you can track them in real time online. Our goal is to make things convenient and hassle-free for all clients.

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Data Destruction

With the latest electronic gadgets out in the market every few months, the old ones are prone to get obsolete. Make sure you have a partner in secure disposal of IT items.

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Equipment Destruction

When you find yourself in a product recall bind, you can contact us for a full-scale service. We do shipping, processing, tracking, recycling and certified data destruction.

Electronics Recycling Newport Beach Services By All Green

Newport Beach Electronics Recycle And Ewaste

Newport Beach is a seaside community in the famed Orange County in California. As of the 2010 census, it was found that the city is home to over 85,000 people. Housing in the city is quite expensive—the city ranks in the Top 10 most expensive housing in the country. It is not that unusual considering having a seaside house seems like a prime commodity. Of course, if you have a treasured house in this beach community, you don’t one to pollute it—always practice proper e-waste recycling through Electronics Recycling Newport Beach Services.

All Green Recycling has been encouraging the public to recycle old electronics for years. It recognizes the evolving need for a certified electronics recycling facility because of the quick turnover of technological gadgets brought about by searing competition. Newport Beach, of course, is a community with affluent people and so electronics are sure to be aplenty.

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IT Asset Disposition

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All Green Recycling handles the following services:

  • Computer recycling
  • Cellphone recycling
  • Laptop recycling
  • Server recycling

We are a certified computer disposal service company. Getting a certification for the service is an indication of our sincerity to serve the public legally and appropriately. This means that we have passed standards as indicated by the government and private entities focused on the environmentally friendly manner of recycling. We have acknowledged that computers are prone to become obsolete in just a few years because there are always new models available in the market. But this doesn’t mean that you can just throw your old computers. These could still be useful. And if the electronic equipment could no longer function, there are more than a hundred parts in it that can still be useful.

Newport Beach Electronics Recycling

Newport Beach is home to at least one Fortune 500 company: Pacific Line, an insurance firm. There are also big companies stationed in the seaside city. And for a company to be considered big, advanced technology and the best electronics equipment are expected. We serve some of these big private corporations as well as some government institutions. Over the years, we have earned the trust of the community because of our efficient service and secure and safe procedures.

All Green Recycling is also concerned with its credibility so that we make sure that clients feel secure with our procedure. This is why we ensure monitoring and tracking are possible through our online service. Contact us now for more details.